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Trekking to Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam trekking experience A great experience to those people who love trekking. Even for those who are not residing at Visakhapatnam, it is worth considering this wonderful journey through hill with dense forest. The fact is that the way in this trekking region is very old made with natural stones. Though the climbing is very steep, a pleasant view of Vizag city is visible at various viewing points during climbing. Again, after reaching the peak point, trekkers have to come down to reach Simhachalam Temple. Beautiful view of Simhachalam Temple is visible while getting down.

How to reach
People can come nearer to the starting point of the steps located at Madhava swami temple at Madhavadhara residential area by their won vehicles. Normal practice is to come by public transport and get down near Geological Survey of India. Very frequent buses are available from all parts of Visakhapatnam. People have to walk approximately 1-2 kilometers to reach Madhava swamy temple. Some people prefer to take a holy bath in the water flow coming from a place nearer to the temple. Trekkers can relax for some time at this place and then start trekking.

Simhachalam temple wide view from hill top It took two hours for us to reach at the top of the hill. The climbing was a bit stiff at the starting. The stone steps were constructed upto the hill top where climbing is required. This was the first and oldest road to the Simhachalam temple from Madhava Dhara side. There is a small statue which is called Bhoolokamma Thalli. Local people visiting Simhachalam temple also visit this place and offer puja. The trekking road start from the temple at the base of the hill. Midway on the climb there is a view point where a clear view of airport, Vizag port, HPCL refinery can be seen. There is a platform constructed to relax for a while. After the view point the climb became little flat and finally it joins a motorable road which under construction. This road is different that the traditional steps to climb upto the temple from the foot hill of Simhachalam temple.

Photo gallery of Simhachalam temple complex

From Simhachalam temple one can go to words Kailasagiri hill located after Andhra University and MVP colony .

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