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Katiki waterfall near Borra caves

Katiki waterfall near Bora cavesBefore one KM from Borra caves at Gatevalsa you will be stopped by Jeep drivers offering you a trip to Katiki waterfall. This waterfall is nearly 7 KM from this point. You need to change your vehicle as rugged Jeep is required to cover the narrow muddy road passing through Jungle and by the side of Gosthani river. Jeep will take you upto the railway track nearly 6 KM from Gatevalsa point and from here you have to trek half KM and climb up after crossing the railway track. Your Jeep driver will tell you to return within one and half hour from the dropping point. The last 15 minutes of the trek upto the base of the waterfall is stiff climbing. Steps are there upto the waterfall for safe climbing. You can take bath at the base of the waterfall. On your trekking rout to waterfall there will be temporary shops set up by the local tribes selling biscuits and most important is Bamboo chicken. Marinated chicken is backed by keeping them inside Bamboo trunks and offered to tourist. It is Chicken Kabab but prepared by using bamboo sticks and cooking is done by keeping them inside Bamboo tree trunks. Locally collected Honey is also available in bottles in these shops.

Price by Jeep

Both way share Jeep trip cost is Rs 100 / - per head. The price may go upto Rs 120/- in busy seasons. Usually Jeep will take nearly 10 persons on share basis. If you are group of five or more, then one full Jeep you can use and bargain for Rs 550 or Rs 600 for the full trip. Bamboo Chicken near Katiki waterfall Never try to venture with your luxury car in this Jungle road as there are ditches and big boulders on the road. This trip to Katiki waterfall from the Jeep Point at Gatevalsa and return will take minimum 2 hours. This waterfall is not a big one in height and this is not big stream of water. The waterfall may go dry in summer months. So if you have enough time and ready to take last half KM trek ( with 15 minutes climbing ) then visit this waterfall. While coming from Visakhapatnam by train , before Borra cave railway station this waterfall will be at your left side and is visible before entering a tunnel. If you have enough time and energy then visit this waterfall, otherwise go straight to Borra caves.

By road to Kataki waterfall from Vizag

From NAD Junction ( on NH 5 at Vizag ) Borra caves Junction is 61 KM. Take right turn as the straight road will take you to Araku valley.

From this Borra Caves Junction on Araku road ( Name of the place is Muliyaguda at 2691 feet above MSL) Borra caves is 10 KM and before one KM from the cave at GateValsa the left side road will take you to Ketaki waterfall.

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rahul agarwal


katiki waterfalls is really awesome!!!!!!!!!i just wanna stay there with my friends.


it is excellent and exciting


I agree, Katiki waterfall is an awesome gift of nature but the connectivity is horrible. the road goes to katiki is very dangerous & risky. Even near the fall no space to stand..
Pritam Ghosh


We went to that place and the sumo driver took 200 rs per head from us. we were 5 people total...we have shared the sumo with other 7 people, and the sumo took total 2400 rs....


seriously great experience , i can tell you one of the great adventures i have ever seen , planning to go again . the water is very much chilled awesome one .............

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