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Dumbriguda Chaparai

Dumbriguda Chaaparai aerial view
Chaparai is a well known picnic spot in Araku valley. A scenic place with water falls and surrounding forest area makes people relax and spend their holiday joyfully. Usually people who visit Araku valley won't miss this place as it is very nearer to the main Araku valley place. It is better not to enter into water flow area during rainy season as the water current will be high and dangerous. During winter season the water flow is less and people can enjoy their stay here. Landscapes and gardens are located surrounding this place. One can experience the beauty of water gushing through natural rocks.

How to reach

Dumbriguda Chaaparai is not included in the one day Araku Package trip conducted by APTDC. People have to take their own vehicles or hire a taxi/auto from Araku and visit this place. Chaaparai is only 15Kms from Araku valley on the way to Paderu. Only road transportation is available to Chaaparai from Araku.
Enjoying water stream at Chaparai
People can reach Araku valley by train or bus. Tourist normally plan to reach Araku valley from Visakhapatnam by taking the train ticket for Vizag Kirandul passenger train and send their private vehicle to Araku. During this journey they enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley, tunnels and bridges.

There is a entry fee of Rs 10/- collected by locals here, no fee for camera or any other photography equipments.
Once they reach Araku valley, they get into their vehicle and plan to reach Chaaparai as they wish. Other places to see in Araku include, Padmapuram garden, Tribal museum, Coffee estates, Gali Kondalu.

Check the photo gallery of Chparai here
Small boy playing at Chaparai

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Hai friends,I have seen the aruku in visakhapatnam.It was one of ap visiting places.It was pure air & good health to spend some days,not stay full time of life b-case,The mostly rain segation was it will be happend to some water diseases. No body help us why I am saying that how can live the aruku palse he had no knowlodge people. overly it was very nice place by going on train journny is must. it is a wanderful place in visakhapatnam.




Place looks as if we are in Paris Venice and other beautiful cities of the world

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