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Dolphin's Nose

A strange but popular tourist attraction, Dolphin's Nose is a huge rocky headland 174 meters high and 358 meters above the sea level, jutting out into the sea, resembling the shape of dolphin. The rock juts out into the sea, forming a headland on which is the lighthouse. The nation's powerful beam of the lighthouse directs ships 65 KMs away. Whole of Visakhapatnam city can be seen from this place.
A popular picnic spot for Vizag people, the vast sea is a gorgeous view. The highest peak of this place is called Rose Peak. There is a temple in Venkateswara hill situated nearby constructed by Captain Black More during 1886. There is a Masjid (in Darga Hill) called Ishak Madina. A church called St. Johns, constructed during 1844 by Sir Arthur Cotton can also be seen. This place was an Army base camp for Britishers during 18th Century. The earlier lighthouse got damaged during 1876 due to cyclone. The present lighthouse also has the facility of cyclone forecast.

Well laid roads are available to reach Dolphin nose from Vizagcity. Approximately 25Kms drive and there are three ways to reach Dolphin nose from Vizag city. One way is to reach the boating point near the bay of sea. Temple, Masjid and the church can be visited through this route. One has to cross the bay (not possible for vehicles) and climb the hill to reach Dolphin nose. Second route is via Navy route. Prior permission may be required to use this way. There is a spectacular view of sea and Vizag city available in between the path while climbing the hill at a tourist view point. Third way is directly climbing the hill to reach Dolphin nose. For all the three routes, well made land routes are available.
After visiting Dolphin hill, people can also travel towards Yarada beach which is one more famous tourist destination in Vizag which is very nearby. Dont forget to climb up the other part of the hill to reach a view point from where the gigantic vast hill and sea range can be seen.

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