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Rampa Waterfall

Rampa WaterfallFrom RampaChodavaram village on Rajahmundry - Bhadrachalam road you can take right turn while coming from Rajahmundry side and reach Rampa village. From here take right turn again to visit Neelakanteswara temple. This temple is 2 KM from Rampachodavaram. From this temple at a distance of half KM is the Rampa waterfall. There is a Jungle road and slight climb is involved to reach the waterfall. While climbing the flowing water stream will be at your right and there are several small waterfalls making the small trekking more enjoying. It will be a 20 minutes climb to reach the main waterfall at a height.

The road and the area up to the waterfall is maintained by Local villagers and there is a entry fee or Rs 10/- for this.

Water remains throughout the year in this waterfall and the downstream.

Villagers from nearby areas visit Neelakanteswara temple after taking bath at Waterfall.

A big village fair is organized on Shivaratri day here.

Waterfall is full during rainy seasons.

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