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Bojjanna Konda Buddhist site

Hills of Bojjanakonda Sankaram village at Bojjanna Konda near Anakapalle is popular Buddhist heritage spot. Few century back this place was the center of Buddhist culture and teaching. The name of the village Sankaram derived from the word Sangharama which meant monastery. There are many monolithic stupas, rock cut caves, ruins of prayer halls, meditation halls, brick build structural edifices, resting places available on the twin hills of Bojjanna Konda and Lingala Konda. This place is located by the side of the river Sarada. During the excavation of this place many age old coins, clay tablets of Sitting Buddha were found. There are many Buddha statues carved on the rock-face of the caves.

Road Map to Bojjanakonda Sankaram village is located at a distance of 45 Km from Visakahaptnam. On National Highway No 5 it will not take more than one hour to reach this place. Nearest railway station Anakapalli is 4 Km away from this historic place. From Anakapalli town it will be 15 minutes drive by road. There is no entrance fee for entering to this place. There are guides available to show you the caves and its importance if you are a serious visitor to this place. But many of the guides are not good at English. The hill tops gives a panoramic view of the green fields and distance hills of the area. It will take one hour for a not serious visitor to cover both the places.

Lingalametta monolithic stupasIn the near by hill of Lingalametta there are big and small rock cut monolithic stupas carved on single rocks of different shapes. Some stupas are as high as a two stored building.

This part of the state has relics of all the three phases of Budhism - Hinayana, Mahayana and Vijrayana. So in one hill there are status of Buddha and in other there are many stupas available.

On the Bojjanna Konda hill there are prayer halls where places marked in elevated platforms in semi circular shape for Gurujee and in circular shapes for the followers. The rooms of the followers are still available and each room has grooved place on the wall for lamps. There is a cave with single rock cut four pillars with Buddha Status and another cave with nine pillars. There are wells built by cutting the rocks for storage of water.

This is an isolated rural area so accommodation is available in small hotels at Anakapalle or at main hotels in Visakhapatnam.

Nearest Airport is Visakhapatnam

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