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Bheemili - Bheemunipatnam

Bheemili Beach

Bheemili beach view About 25-km from Vishakhapatnam is beautiful beach of Bheemunipatnam popular as 'Bheemili' is located at the mouth of the river Gosthani. This beach is safe for swimmers in comparison to rocky beaches of Vizag. It is also the site of the ruins of the east coast's oldest Dutch settlement (17th century). The drive from Visakhapatnam to Bheemili is exhilarating.

Dutch cemetery

The cemetery situated in the west of the town at the sea beach speaks of the Dutch who gave their lives here. The unique feature of the cemetery is the depiction of the cause of the death on the grave enlivens the past. Written in Portuguese this cemetery is located close to the sea beach. There are 52 tombs spread across two locations. Out of which 15 are stone capped and 5 of them have Dutch have inscriptions in Dutch language. These inscriptions are even visible today. One of pyramid shaped grave of Federick Kesslerus who died in Oct 8th 1661 is considered to be the earliest. This cemetery is divided in two parts, while entering to the right is for British people and rest of the area is for Dutch.

Drive from Visakhapatnam to Bheemili

Statues at Bheemili beach The four lane beach roads is extended from RK beach at Vizag upto Bheemili. While travelling from Vizag sea will be at your right side. The road passes through many small hills and curves. After 10 KM from Vizag there is a famous sea beach Rushikonda beach. Take a right turn and climb up to Punami resort. This place is best for a short break. From here you can enjoy the beauty of Rushikonda beach. Drive upto the resort and take a cup of tea seating at the open trace of the restaurant. The view of sea and the beach is marvelous. Just before Rushikonda to your left will be GITAM University. From Rishikonda at a distance of 6 KM is Thotlakonda and at distance of 15 KM is the Bheemili beach. Just before arriving at Bheemili take right turn to pass through the small fishing village. After enjoying the beach you can go further as the road joins the beach road after passing through the clock tower and main market of Bheemili. There is a road connection with NH 5 going towards Bhubaneswar Kolkata side from here.

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