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MaredumilliThis is one of the best place if you are a nature lover and wants to experience local tribal lifestyle. With hills around Maredumilli is located inside Jungle and by the side of rivers. Waterfalls became full in rainy seasons and several camping areas open up during winter time which is a popular picnic season for people in AP.

Best time to visit Maredumilli is during rainy seasons when hills and valley became green and just after rainy season.

How to reach Maredumilli

On the way to Bhadrachalam at a distance of 87 KM from Rajahmundry Maredumilli is a small village. Tourist visit Maredumilli from nearby areas covering Rajahmundry, Vizag , Kakinada etc. There are visitors from Hyderabad and from different parts of AP also. Some visitors come for a day trip and return in evening to Rajahmundry and other places. Bhadrachalam is 120 KM from Maredumilli. It will take three hours from Maredumilli to reach Bhadrachalam.

This place is between Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry.

The road to Maredumilli start from Rajahmundry and passes through Gokavaram, Rampachodavaram, and Maredumilli.

Distance of Maredumilli from Visakhapatnam is 225 KM and it will take 4 hours. If you are coming from Visakhapatnam then take right turn at Jaggampeta ( after 155 KM from Visakhapatnam on NH 5) and join Rajahmundry Bhadrachalam road at Gokavaram.

Kakinada to Maredumilli is 108 KM.
Vijayawada to Maredumilli is 230 KM
Hyderabad to to Maredumilli is 430 KM

What to see at Maredumilli

Waterfall at MaredumilliMaredumilli is a jungle area. The cool atmosphere with greenery around it is the best place to relax within nature. After reaching Maredumilli you can go for visiting coffee Plantation and waterfalls. Total time will be around two hours. You can visit in afternoon and return to Maredumilli or Rajahmundry by late evening. All these points are located on the way to Bhadrachalam within 16 KM from Maredumilli. Just after leaving Maredumilli you can see coffee plantation at your left. There are two waterfalls near Maredumilli first one is Jalatarangini at a distance of 8 KM. Here water is only available in rainy seasons or just after rain.

Second one Amrutha Dhara and Swarna Dhara is further 8 KM from first one ( total 16 KM from Maredumilli ) . Here water will be there in summer season also. From Main road you need to climb down around 150 meters in Jungle and climbing up on return may be little strenuous for some. It will be 10 minutes of climbing from the water point to main road ( vehicle parking ). This is the last point to see on Maredumilli and the straight road will take you to Bhadrachalam.

Both the waterfalls are maintained by local tribes and they maintain the area by making steps and preparing easy Jungle path with side barricade supports.

There is a entry fee of Rs 10/- ( collected at both waterfalls ) to enter into the waterfall area. The money is collected by local community and they do an excellent job by maintaining the area.

If you are staying at Maredumilli and don't have any plan to return then go for a evening walk to the main market area. It is very small town and you can walk from one end to other within 15 minutes.

Before Maredumilli from Rampachodavaram you can take right turn and visit Rampa Waterfall.

Local tribal and forest products

Bamboo Chicken All most all shops here sell Bamboo chicken. Marinated chicken is kept inside hollow bamboo piece and burnt it in open area . Sikakae ( forest product )

Where to stay in Maredumilli

There are two resorts to stay in Maredumilli. Birds nest is before 15 KM from Maredumilli ( while coming from Rajahmundry side) and other one Vanvihari is a community resort maintained by local tribes and owned by Government of AP forest department at Maredumilli. This resort has online booking facility and located at Maredumilli main market area.

Birds Nest

In side the Jungle area by the side of a river this resort is before Maredumalli ( 15 KM ) and there are different type of accommodation available. The best one is tree top cottage ( double bed Rs 1600 ). Adventure sports like river crossing is available here. You can go for a trek to nearby hills and this is a good location to relax within the lap of nature. There are double bed rooms and four bed resorts ( AC and Non AC ) available

Vanvihari Resort

Resort at Maredumilli Excellent location , within tall trees and big campus with different types of accommodation at a very affordable rate gives good choice for the visitor. As it is a community maintained resort so you may not get high professional service. No room service available, liquor is not allowed and you can see caution boards around the resort. You have to take food at Canteen at fixed time for lunch and diner. There are mainly three types of accommodation available here.
Out of the all type accommodations the best is Bison cottage but A/c facility is not available in these cottages. If it is not hot summer then these single cottages are the best choice. Having independent garden and compound these cottage gives you a filling of staying in a local village.

Hill top guest hours are also equally good but two rooms are ( independent rooms with toilet ) there in one cottage. You can book both the rooms and enjoy the excellent surroundings.

Container rooms.

With AC facility these are compact rooms with all facilities.
All type of rooms have DTH TV facility.

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hi i want to stay in maredumilli with my family at 1 ngt so can u give me the feedback n hotel details with a/c..


sir wr to stay in maredmilli.we r 4 friends


Sir, we 5 frnds want to stay 1 Night at Maredumilli


Maredumalli is the best location for nature lovers . You can stay in campfire which is surrounded by pamuleru vagu , with fire and tents along with three security guards. We have to walk in forest to reach camfire camp.
Most intresting thing is to trekking with wepons and safty . we enjoyed alot in March. -2014


We are 5 friends and want to have 1 day tour at Mamidimilli Forest area with trecking ..Can u Provide us Details !! We come form Eluru,WestGodavari District


could you please send me all the hotels list or cost of rooms per 1 night stay at maredumilli

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