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Araku Valley during rainy seasons

Train entering tunnel with green trees
After peak summer seasons of May, the monsoon starts hitting the costal Andhra Pradesh during 2nd week of June. Like any other area of Andhra Pradesh the rainy season continues till starting of October. 

 Winter or Rainy season: which is better to visit Araku valley?
The main attraction of Araku is its greenery and waterfalls. So visiting Araku is best during rainy seasons. However due to holiday and travel season which are linked with other destinations like Vizag , Jagdalpur and Rajahmundry etc, more tourist visit Araku during winter seasons. Starting from October the tourist season traffic goes up and continues till end of February.

By Road during rain

Roads during rain at Araku Valley
Starting from Visakhapatnam you will be driving for 2 hours in plain area and the hill or the ghat road is for another two hours. In plain area there will be green cultivation fields on both the sides of the road. Just before the hill there is an APTDC resort at right side of the road. After climbing the hill for 30 minutes you can take break at Jungle Bell (another APTDC resort ) at Tyda. During rain both side of the road will be full with green trees and jackfruits will be hanging from the branches.

You can take break for a cup of coffee at Ananthagiri.

The road condition is good and there will be no interruption because of rain. But drive carefully on the curves as buses or trucks will be coming down the hills. You can get an idea on road map on trip to Araku here.
Local tribes at view point during rain
For nature lovers a trip to Araku valley is more enjoying during rainy seasons.

Train journey became more enjoyable as you can watch water streams falling from big rocks and train entering tunnels between the green hills around. While travelling from Visakhapatnam to Araku it is better to take a right side seat as most of the time valley will be at right side of the train. On the way just after CHIMIDIPALLI station there is a good waterfall at your left side ( after a tunnel )  

Road and Traffic condition in Araku during rainy seasons.

It is the cyclonic storms which disrupt the traffic more than normal seasonal rain in Araku.  Usually in  October & November there is a maximum chance of storms hitting Vizag and Araku valley area. If the rail track gets damaged then it takes 3 to 4 weeks to restore. But road connectivity will remain open to Araku throughout the year as good road connection is there. The rail connectivity is more important for goods trains transporting iron ore and other minerals to Vizag port and steel plant. Weather remains cool like any other part of the costal AP during rainy seasons and it is good to carry an umbrella or rain coat with you and a waterproof backpack if you have. Accommodation is not a problem as tourist season starts after rain.
River and valley at Araku during rain

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