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Thalupulamma Talli - Lova

Talupulamma Talli temple main entrance Talupulamma Talli temple is the most famous and well known place in Andhra pradesh as each and everybody visit for offering pooja to the Goddess after purchasing a new vehicle. There are hardly any people in Andhra Pradesh who don't know about this Goddess and each and everybody insist on coming and having darshan of the Goddess after owning a new vehicle. People offer goats, chicken/hen in this place. The temple is situated in between a hill and surrounding is very scenic. This makes an excellent picnic spot too for those who wants to spend their week end.

How to reach Thalupulamma Talli temple

Shiva statue in Talupulamma Talli temple Thalupulamma Talli temple is in Visakhaptanam district of Andhra Pradesh in India. The place is situated between Tuni and Annavaram. Tuni is 100Kms from Visakhaptanam towards Rajahmundry. After Tuni continue the journey towards Annavaram and take right turn near an arch indicating the name of the temple. From the arch the temple is just 5Kms. On the way visitors pass through some extremely beautiful landscape area and can enjoy the nature. Nearer to the temple the road is steep and few sharp curves exist. Vehicles go nearer to the foot step of the temple. There are steps to be climbed up to reach the temple premises. Nature view from Talupulamma Talli temple Travellers coming from Vijayawada or Rajahmundry side have to reach Annavaram on National High 5 by travelling towards Visakhaptanam. 10Kms after Annavaram take left turn near the arch and travel another 5Kms to reach the temple. Visitors or devotees who wish to cook non vegetarian food during their vehicle puja ceremony can be done as there will be lot of people selling chicken and goats locally. They arrange everything for cooking the food on rental basis. Once the puja and food is over, the leaft out things will not be carried by the devotees, they leave everything or give those to local people and go.

Talupulamma Talli temple view from steps The temple is opened upto 6.00pm only. Make sure that you reach well in time so that Talupulamma Talli darshan can be had. Nobody stays after 6.00pm and normally people return from this place and travel towards either Annavaram or Tuni to find accomodation. If you are travelling to visit Annavaram, make it sure to include this place in your travel plan, it will not disappoint you. Just 30 to 45 minutes of time is sufficient to visit this place and return. People have very stong belief on this Goddess for the reason that, anything they wish to do, will become a success after visiting this temple.
One can see the vehicle numbers written on the stones surrounding the temple though it is strictly prohibited. The temple is well maintained and very clean and neat.
Only bus transportation is possible. Special bus service is available. Nearest railway station is Tuni and Annavaram. Make sure that the trains give stop in these stations before boarding as this is a two way broad gauge route and most of the trains are super fast. Road transportation is available from Tuni and Annavaram. Better to rent a vehicle and visit the temple as it is nearer to both Tuni and Annavaram. Travellers can also visit Samalkot where one of the Pancharama temple, Bheemeshwara Kumararama, is situated.

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M Sai Kumar


Talupulamma Thalli Lova is in East Godavari District, not in Visakhapatnam District. East Godavari District starts from Tuni.


Talupulamma thalli lova is in east godavari district around 12km from tuni.many people who was staying near to tuni knows very well about this god,iam one of them.i believe on this god.....vidyaraj


Talupulamma thalli lova is very nice temple


Talupulamma thalli lova is very nice temple


Talupulamma talli lova is great place to visit. It's a beautiful & lovable hill area. I believe in TALUPULAMMA TALLI.


Talupulamma temple in Tuni, Daily thousands of visitors visit for Ammavari Darshanam every day to make their ambitions and Dreams come true.

here is the 360 virtual of the temple.
hema sundar


talupulamma thalli is one of the powerful god in andhra pradesh & lova is peaceful place,if possible visit once........
jagga babu padilam


amma is very foverfull.. sakhthi... she is alll.... jagga babu padilam.. annavaram


Talupulamma talli lova is great place to visit. It's a beautiful & lovable hill area. I believe in TALUPULAMMA TALLI.
manikanta sunkara


im from tuni. i went to this pilgrim 5 times
ravi teja


Can anybody tell me how to go to this temple from annavaram and hw much time will take for Darshan bcz I am new to this place. So guide me, as I have to catch the train @1430hrs at Annavaram. Plz.....
N Rambabu


Talupulamma talli temple chala chala mahima galadi.Rambabu Nandavarupu

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