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Khammam Fort

Khammam Fort
Located at the heart of the Khammam city and at a distance of 1 KM from Railway station this magnificent fort was built on the rock with huge granites. Fort occupies an area of 4 sq KMs and it has 10 entrances, lower fort at western side is the main entrance and eastern side entrance is called Raati Darwaza. The fort is capable of mounting 60 cannons, there is an old mosque & Mahal inside the fort constructed during the period of Zafar-Ud Doula. There is a well known Zafar Bouli which is 60 ft long and 20 ft wide. A secret pathway was constructed and utilized during the invasions. Channels were made to store rain water.
Khammam Fort top

The three brothers of Kakatiyas of Warangal namely Ranga Reddy, Lakshma Reddy & Velma Reddy stated the construction of fort in 950 AD. INitially this was a mud fort, Akki Reddy and Anki Reddy of Kondapuram came to Khammam with the Gajapathi’s of Orissa and continued the construction of the fort in 997 AD saka era or 1075 AD. Fort construction was completed in saka era 1006 AD or 1086 AD. After the construction of tte fort nearly 300 years was ruled by the Reddy Kings, later Gajapathi Kings annexed the fort, subsequently it went into the hands of of dynasties like Nandapani, Kadluri & Gudhluru. In 1512 Qutub Shahi Kings conquered the fort and later Asaf Jahis ruled during 17th century,

Khammam city located by the side of river Munneru a tributary of Krishna river. This city is the district headquarter of Khammam district inside Telangana state.
Khammam Fort steps

Khammam to Hyderabad ( State Capital of Telangana State ) 190 KM
Khammam to Vijayawada is 120 KM
Khammam to Warangal is 120 KM

Railway Station Code : KMT

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