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Front side of Vizinagaram palace in Andhra Pradesh

back side of the palace

Statue of Dr P.V.G Raju D.Litt, Raja sheb of Vizianagaram

Inside palace of Vizinagaram

Inside roads of Vizinagaram palace

Garden inside Vizianagaram palace

Gardens inside Vijayanagaram fort

More gardens inside palace

Different gardens inside palace

Inside walls of Palace

Palace inside of Vijayanagaram

Inside the palace of Vijayanagaram

Educational institutes inside palace of Vijayanagaram

Statue and palace inside

Entrance inside palace

Inside palace used as office

Open space inside palace of Vijayanagaram

Balcony of palace halls

Cemetery of Kings of Vizianagaram

Statues of past Kings of Vijayanagaram

Inside cemetery of Vijayanagaram kings

Full size Statue of past Kings of Viajayanagaram

Statues of Kings inside park

Vizinagaram cemetery

The far view of the palace at Bobbli

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