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Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina

Giri Pradakshina (walking round the hill) is done around Simhachalam and Kailasagiri hills (Simhachalam temple, is located at the Simhachalam hill top) of Visakhapatnam in Andhra pradesh. The event is considered very sacred, auspicious and believed that it is equivalent to walking around the world (Prapancha pradikshina). Giri pradikshina is done on Giri Purnima (Full moon day in the month of July, that is on full moon day of Ashada masam). It is considered that by doing Giri Pradikshina all the wishes of devotees will come true and their family will be blessed with peace. Special darshan of the temple at the hill top will be provided in the early hours os next day for those who complete the pradakshina. People from all parts of Andhra pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Orissa participate in the auspicious event. Traditional Andhra pradesh people participate in Giri pradakshina by singing devotional songs. Motored chariot of the God also runs around the hill.

The route for Giri Pradakshina

Giri Pradakshina starts at the foot hill of Simhachalam, via Jail road, Adavivaram, Arilova, Hanumanthavaka, Jodugulla palem beach (RK beach extension at the junction of Kailasagiri on the main beach road), Madhavadhara, NAD junction and back to Simhachalam temple at foot hill. The total distance of walking is 32 Kms. The route from beach to NAD will be changing and depends on the organizers. However, the chariot running route is same and runs via jail road, Adavivaram, Hanumanthavaka, NH5, NAD junction and reaching back at Simhachalam. The chariot will not go towards the beach. Only for the first batch of people the route will be shown and once the crowd follows the earmarked path, there will not be anybody to guide the way. People have to go along with the flow. After completing the Giri Pradakshina, most of the devotees consider visiting the temple at the hill top climbing the steps. Heavy rush will be there for darshan. People who cannot wait for long time, can consider special darshan which is available on the payment of INR 100.

Inauguration, formalities, Timings and distances

Special puja is performed before the inauguration. The event is inaugurated formally by the trustee and the temple Executive officer by flagging off and breaking the coconut. Starting time varies from 10 am to 11 am. Devotees who want to take rest in between and are not able to do it fast, start early around 11.00am to 2.00 pm. At 5.00 pm, Charriot pulling (motored) of the God Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha starts. Some devotees wait for this and walk along with the Rath and complete Giri Pradakshina. All devotees start the pradakshina by breaking the coconut at the statue near the foot hill, make three rounds, then visit Lord Ganesha statue located behind near the foot steps to hill top for taking the blessings. Some devotees perform puja to Lord Ganesha also. Devotees can offer money also here. Some people take back half broken coconut considering it as prasadam.

The distance between the starting point and Jodugulla palem beach is approximately 12 Kms. People are normally energetic during this period as they start fresh and complete fast. From Jodugulla palem to NAD junction distance is 13 Kms. This part of walking will become difficult as the walking is through up and down roads. More rest is required. From NAD junction to Simhachalam temple, the distance is 7 Kms. This last stretch of walk is very paiful as the energy levels become low. The legs and body pains will be at the highest. Each step becomes very difficult. But devotees believe that, whatever the difficulties, by the blessing of God Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha, people move along with the crowd and complete the pradakshina. This has been experienced by all and the belief becomes stronger. For normal walking it takes 3 hours to reach beach area, 3 hours to reach NAD junction and 2 hours for reaching back at Simhachalam foot hill. There will be heavy flow of devotees from after noon 1.00pm to next day early hours 6.00am.

Temples on the way, rest places and safety

There are two temples on Jail road, Arilova, Adavivaram and Hanumanthavaka area. There are no rest places between starting point and Hanumanthavaka junction. People who need rest have to consider road dividers for sitting. This road is a four lave road and very wide, no problem of traffic. During day time and till night 10.00 pm movement of vehicles is found more.

Between Hanumanthawaka junction and beach, one temple is located and at the beach one more temple is seen where devotional songs and Hindu epics are played. No need to take rest between Hanumanthawaka and beach as the distance is very less. Take care while crossing NH5 at Hanumanthawaka junction. At the junction point near the beach many devotees take rest everywhere. Best place is Tenneti park located beside the beach. People take their food here which is very convenient also to give long break, some consider sleeping 2-3 hours here. After reaching the beach, devotees take a bath at the beach and also get washed with normal water near the temple which is believed very sacred.

Between Beach, NAD junction and Simhachalam, there are many temples people can visit and take the blessings. Important one is Madhavaswamy temple at Madhavadhara. People consider taking rest at several bus stops. If the route is via NH5, take care of the vehicle flow while taking rest in between the road dividers. Police personnel will be moving around to take care of people safety.


Temple organizing committee take maximum care to address all kind of facilities to the devotees in this auspicious occassion. Many volunteers stay for the whole day to arrange and distribute water at many places. Shamiana, pendals are arrnaged in all these places. Water packets are distributed to almost all the devotees taking part in Giri Pradakshina. At various places, Tea and Butter milk are also arranged. Food (Pulihara and Curd rice) is also arranged at limited places but will not available after night. As the quantity is limited, people start first will get it. Many volunteers dance in front of the chariot and sing devotional songs for the entire round of the hill.

Apart from temple arrangements, many volunteers from Visakhapatnam city serve water, tea, pain killer tablets to devotees doing Pradakshina.

Food, foot wear, and other belongings to carry

For Indians, take small amount of rice along with sambar or, 2-3 rotis with curry as main food. Carry good quality biscuits, fruits and fruit juices. A little quantity of dry fruits like badam, Khajjur, badam will also help. Donot carry water as it is available on the way at several places. One napkin is helpful. If it cloudy, better consider light weight rain coat instead of umbrella. Carry all belongings in a back pack used by school going children. Foot wear plays an important role for safe and easy walking. Consider good quality shoes. Do not use new pairs. Avoid chappals as it may cause bruises and bubbles at foot which makes very difficult to walk during the last stretch. If it rains, use simple slipper. It is difficult to walk with shoes while raining. As it is a full moon day, moon light will be good and helps in convering the distance from temple foot hill to Hanumanthawaka junction where street light are not installed. A small torch is also helpful if the day is dark due to clouds.

Many private canteen business people open the restaurants for whole night in this route. All kind of bakery and fast foods are available for purchasing. People may consider taking food here too but beware of quality.

Transportation and parking

Better take public vehicle to reach the temple foot hill at Simhachalam. Bus facility is very good from all part of the city to Simhachalam. Auto rickshaw and cabs are available but the fare will be a little more during this day. People who come by private vehicle, there are many parking areas around the foot hill. Lock the vehicles properly as there will not be any security for watching the parked vehicles. During next day, from 4.30am buses will run to all parts of the city.

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Pasumarthi Srinivas


I am first time decided to do giripradikshna at Simhachalam I had completed giripradikshna at Tirivannamalai for 12 times kindly guide me what time is good for start how it is perform what difficulties should I face
Adisesha naik


Hello Mr.Srinivas, Simhachalam - Kailasagiri Giri pradakshina will be during July of every month. The total distance will be approximately 40Kms. The time to start depends on what are all the areas you want to cover. The starting and ending point is the foot hill of Simhachalam. This will take 8 - 12 hours depending upon your fitness. After completing if you like to visit Simhachalam temple (like many people do, you need to climb the hill), it takes more time and best time is early hours after completing pradakshina. So, you need to start previous day evening around 4 - 5pm in this case. If you don't like to visit the temple, morning to evening or evening to morning walking can be planned. July is the rainy season in Vizag, consider this while doing pradakshina. If the summer is too hot, consider doing it in the night. Normal route for pradakshina is Simhachalam foot hill - crossing central jail - Hanumanthawaka - R.K.Beach - Madhuravada - Murali nagar - Marripalem - NAD Junction - Gopalapatnam - Simhachalam foot hill.


Sir I want to do the Giri-pradakshina on 31-07-2015 and start from

simhachalam . my query is I am staying at NAD x Road while doing the same I can take some brake at My house while coming from Marripalem and continue the Giri- pradakshina is it ok or please advise for the same

Surya Reddy


Yes, you can do that, not at all an issue. Many people take rest in between while completing the Pradakshina at many places. Especially, at the last leap, near NAD junction, many people take rest. Infact the last leap from NAD junction to Simhachalam is the toughest as the body gets strained.
B.Srikanth, Asst Eng, Skl


Respected sir,

I planned to circumambulate all around the lord Narasimha Temple where located simhachalam. As this is first holy trip please guide me at what time I will start to complete the above said and depict the lord.




i started from 2015 to last many crowds are walking around the hill,in between the food facility available in here,drinking facility also available.during the pass the full of joy.

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