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Pithapuram Eswarar temple

Pithapuram Eswarar templePithapuram is a small town located close to Kakinada port city. Pithapuram is located on the connecting road From National Highway No 5 at Katipudi Junction to Kakinada. From here 15 Km is Kakinada and in opposite direction Kathipudi Junction ( NH 5 ) is 19 KM. From Katipudi Junction Visakhapatnam is 130 KM. Another road goes towards Samalkot then Dwarapudi and joins NH 5 at Dowlaiswaram barrage close to Rajahmundry.

Pithapuram Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy temple is an ancient Siva Khetra in Godavari District. It acquired importance of Buddhists, Jains and Vishnava also. It was the capital of many local dynasties from about 4th or 5th century AD.

Once upon a time Gayasura a powerful a powerful demon was acquired puruhutikashakti which is one among the Asthadasapithas through is great devotion, with that might power he oftenly used to disturb the Yagas of Brahmanas. Pithapuram To over come this trouble the devatas with the help of Trimurthis conceived a plan to kill the Gayasura. According to the plan the devats decided to perform the Yaga on the chest of the Demon, they performed the Yagna with great devotion day and night. On the seventh day of the Yaga, Maheswara himself took the form of Kukkuta ( cook ) and voice, the Gayasura was disturbed from this sleep and immediately the Yaga disturbed. Then the angry Devatas gave a curse to the Demon as the yagna spoiled, his body would also be broken into pieces, the head fell in Gayakshetra, the chest in Jajipuram and the feet in front of Kukkuteswara Swamy temple. The demon Gayasura spread his entire body from Gaya to Pithapuram Kshetra, his feet stretched upto Pithapuram. It became a Padagaya Kshetra.

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