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Important Tips for Kedarkantha trekking program

  • Weigh the items that you are going to carry in your rucksack and be clear about their indispensability, so that you can think of alternate items which can serve the purpose and still reduce the weight.
  • Track suit that has woolen lining inside and resin lining on the outside, will help you reduce the weight of an extra rain protected trousers.
  • Rain sheet (that you can buy on the way to Sankri) will is a must to protect yourself from hails when on the move.
  • Leather gloves are preferable over woolen ones while negotiating snow clad terrains
  • Chlorine drops and clinical plasters are some of the useful items
  • Take medium sized steel plate with two separate sections in it for Dal and curry, apart from a cup. It is easy to wash steel plate and so is more hygienic option.
  • Have a spare pair of dress but a lighter one.
  • Dark goggles are a must while walking in the snow do not take blue ones.
  • And most important of all take care of all your known ailments from well in advance and through your personal medical kit. Rigorous regime to improve your stamina and strength will only help in enhancing the experience of the trek.
  • Irregular power supply is only available at base camp at Sankri, chance of charging your batteries is very less here and beyond this point there is no chance of power supply to charge your camera batteries. So take spare batteries depending on your requirements. Batteries are likely to discharge more in cold conditions so better to keep them inside sleeping bags or inside your pockets while sleeping to keep it warm at body temperature.
  • If you are carrying high end cameras (DSLR) and lenses then better carry some weather-proof bags / sachets to protect them from rain.
  • Follow the guidelines given by trek planner / brochure and in orientation program at base camp.

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