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Chaukori tea garden and Himalaya viewThis is a quit place surrounded by tea gardens. This is a location to enjoy nature and the view of Himalayan snow peaks. There is not much here to rush for a visit and all the places around you can cover by a gentle walk. After check in to your hotel you can drop your luggage and go for a walk to near by tea garden located just outside boundary of your hotel. The peace full area surrounded by tea gardens and the view of snow peaks of Himalayas is the best place if you are searching for quit atmosphere away from busy city life.

Just talk to any local person they will tell you about Kumar Saheb. He was the local land lord who was owning all the areas around and owner of the tea estates. His old house is still there. The tea processing unit is still there but it looks like old heritage building without any maintenance. Kumar Saheb was not having any kids so no one is there to maintain these old buildings.

Hotel and Resorts at Chaukori

Chaukori tea garden and Himalaya viewKMVN has a resort here and you can book through its nation wide network. Another good resort is Ojaswi Resort. These two are the main resorts. There are another three four good hotels but owners were not willing to give a fixed tariff rate and they change the rates based on the tourist demands. All resorts are located almost side of the main road and walk able distance from each other. We don't expect you will face any shortage of rooms and any point of time here but it is advisable not to take chances during short peak tourist seasons like new year and Dashera vacation. All other time you can just drive to Chaukori and get a room.

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