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Giangad to Sankri Day 10

Kids at the villageMay 17th, the last lap of our trek started at 8.30 AM and first 100 meters was very dangerous when we had to cross the land slide site. Once over it, it was a simple walk along the motor-able road where jeeps and SUVs still ply. Other interesting parts apart from scenic view of mountains include crossing a small water fall across the road and a group of Gharwali women willing to be photographed.

As soon as reaching the base camp at Sankri at 11.30 AM, there was a queue for bathrooms. The heat and the fact that it was 8 days since people had bathed contributed to the queue.

After that it is only food, rest and packing for the next day's expedition to Mussoorie / Dehradun by bus. A stroll to Sankri in the evening is invariably undertaken by the trekkers to give expression to their desire to relax after a disciplined and grueling experience. People also relish Rodendron juice. Rage for cricket can be seen even at this height, as children play cricket on the main road the only place where cricket pitch like surface can be found.

Meadows near camp siteThe exceptional organizational capability of YHAI can be seen from the arrangements at all the camps and discipline, promptness and punctuality exhibited by volunteers and kitchen staff. There is something for all of us to learn from the experience.

You must take some time in solitude to relive the experience in your mind and consolidate the learning from the whole programme and the way in which you can dovetail this external experience for carrying out your day-to-day chores back home. I did it and to my surprise there were quite a few learning points that I discovered, and the challenge for me lies in making them a part of my life.

In the absence of above, the two week period that you are spending away from your prime responsibilities, is a mere waste of time, in spite of all the awe inspiring views of Himalayas that you have experienced from such close quarters.

Here are some important points of the Kedarkantha trek

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