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Munsiyari Bus stop This is the most beautiful town of Kumaon region. This small Himalayan town is located at the foothill of Panchachuli peaks or five peaks. This is the last main town well connected by road from other parts of Uttarakhand. Munsiyari is also popular as base came for many short and long treks to famous glaciers and snow hills.

Sightseeing at Munsiyari

In this town you can relax or go for trekking to nearby base camps and hills. Usually tourist reach here in evening from different destinations. So first night rest is must here and minimum one full day is required to visit places around Munsiyari. If you are mountain lover then plan for more days here.

Tribal Heritage Museum

Located at the center of the Munsiary town this Museum has excellent collection of rich cultural heritage of Johari people. The collections display the ancient art, culture, trade, life style and many antiques. There is a section displaying ancient documents, literatures , stamps issued by govt of India honoring local persons. All the items displayed here are nicely explained to the tourist here. There is a entry fee of Rs 10 per person.

Nanda Devi temple

Nanda Devi temple view point Located at a distance of 3 KM from Munsiary town is connected by road or you can go for a morning walk to get the best view of Panchchachuli peaks. In a clear sky the view is spectacular. From here all the five peaks are clearly separated ( view ) from each other. Nanda Devi temple is located at the center surrounded by green meadow and tall trees. This is an excellent location for nature lovers. There are viewpoints available in different direction to enjoy the spectacular view of snow capped peaks and surrounding valleys. As the sun rises behind the hills so it is better to visit this place when sun light falls from a height (not very early morning ).

Adventure and trekking programs from Munsiyari

There are good resorts available at Munsiyari and almost all of them offer adventure tours and treks to nearby glaciers and hill base camps. There are local shops offering adventure gears on hire and can arrange all the tour programs for trekkers and mountaineers.

Khalia top trekking

Munsiyari Kalia Top KMVN guest house Even if you are not come prepared for trekking then also you can go for this trek. Starts at 7 AM from your hotel and you can return at lunch time. Ask for a guide at your hotel. Guide charges will be Rs 500. The trek starts from Balati Bend which is at a distance of 8 KM from Munsiyari town. This bend is also on the approach road to Munsiyari from Tejam, Thal, Udyari , Chaukori side. You can get drop at Balait bend and call your vehicle before reaching this point on return. Carry some food for breakfast and water bottles. Anything else you can carry based on your requirements. Use good trekking shoe with good grip as chance of skidding is more in synthetic sole shoe. Never use high hill shoes on this trek.

Tata Docomo signal is available throughout the trail. Aritel is also available but not so strong. BSNL not checked. ( Year 2012 May )
This trek requires climbing for two hours minimum and you can return in one and half hours to Munsiyari. Throughout the trail jungle path is prepared with stone setting steps so it is easy to walk and climb. It will take nearly 2 hours to reach KMVN guest house after 4 KM of climbing. From here another 1 KM is Khalia top and from here green meadow starts. At the top you can experience snow. If you are tired enough then you can return from KMVN guest house.

KMVN guest house at Khalia top is not operational now. It is only constructed and yet to be furnished. The only way to reach this point is by trekking so may not be possible for easily reach the guest house. On return it will take nearly one and half hours to reach the Balati bend. The best part of this trek is the view of snow capped mountain peaks. The view is much better compared to Munsiyari. However like any other Himalayan view the best time get a clear sky is September to March months. Other months also these peaks are visible.

Thamri Kund trek

This is a gentle trek without much climbing starting from Hanuman temple at a distance of 9 KM from Munsiary town and 1 KM from Balanti Bend ( starting of Khalia top trek ). This trek will take two hours to go and return also another two hours in same rout. You can return to hotel at lunch time. This is easier than Khalia top trek. But usually tourist prefer more to Khalia top because of natural beauty and availability of snow during summer seasons.

There are three most popular routs from Munsiyari

Hotel and resorts in Munsiyari

Munsiyari Hotel KMVN has a resort in Munsiyari town and it can be booked from their nationwide network of marketing offices. Similar hotel and resorts are available at Munsiyari. All will have open balcony or view window towards snow capped mountain ranges. There are good number of budget hotels is available near bus stand or main market area.

Carry light woolen dresses in summer seasons (during May month also) and in all other seasons carry heavy woolen dresses.

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