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Kedar kantha trek

Kedarkanth trekkingHar-Ki-Doon trek, renamed and re-designed as Kedar kantha trek since 2006 in an annual event in YHAI calendar. True to the objectives of YHAI, the trek provides a great opportunity for adventure, scenic beauty, and a firsthand experience of remote villages of Gharwal Himalayas, in spite of the fact that the trek has been shortened by eliminating the Har-ki-doon for the convenience of the trekkers.


The trek is along a well designed route in the southern areas of Govind Wild life Sanctuary and Nation Park. Govind Wild Life Sanctuary is located in the north of Uttrakhand state (previously known as Uttranchal state), in the district of Uttarkashi and covers an area of 958 Sq. Kms (See maps for detailed understanding of the location). The altitude in the area varies from 1300 to 6000 meters. (The orientation of the route in YHAI map seems to be confusing and the route shown from Kedarkantha to Talhauti is not the one that is followed. Hence an approximate orientation and route map that we made during the trek is also shown.)
Kedarkantha trek starts from May 1st, and groups start on every day of the month. The programme lasts 12 days, starting from the day of reporting at Mussoorie Youth Hostel. We reported on 9th of May and were identified as KK-9 group.

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