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Ranikhet Sightseeing

Sadar Bazar Main Market area Ranikhet is a cantonment and peaceful area inside Almore district administration of Kumaon region. Cool weather , the golf ground and view of Himalaya is the main attractions of Ranikhet. The meaning of Ranikhet is queens Meadow or place as it was gifted by King Sudhardev to his queen. British government had established Kumaon Regiment army headquarter at Ranikhet in the year 1869. Tall trees and hills are there throughout the town. Due to security and presence of army the flora and fauna is well protected in this Himalayan town.

Hotels and resorts in Ranikhet

Budget hotels are available at main market area known as Sadar Bazar. This area is bit busy with local people and distance villagers doing shopping till evening 7 PM here. Some of the hotels have good valley view and this is a good place to stay. If you are searching for a peaceful surrounding away from crowded places and shopping areas then stay in resorts located at Mall road area. Resorts here are located within tall pine and cedar trees. It is like staying in a green Jungle.

Reaching Ranikhet from Kathgodam

Kaichidham templeThe rail road ends at Kathgodam. Ranikhet Express starts from Old Delhi railway station at night 10.40 PM and reaches Kathgodam in early morning ( 5 AM ). Once you came out of railway station you will be surrounded by Taxi drives offering you drop at cheaper rate to Naintal and Ranikhet. By road Ranikhet is 71 KM from Kathgodam. It will take 3 hours minimum and around 4 hours to reach Ranikhet.

After starting from Kathgodam you will start climbing the hills. Gola river will be at your right side. After travelling 20 KM from Kathgodam you will reach Bhimtal the largest lake of this area. Bhimtal is a small town with hotels and resorts located by the side of the lake. From here another road will take you to Sattal Lakes at a distance of 7 KM from Bimtal. After Bimtal the road will take you to Bhowali ( 29 KM from Kathgodam ) the fruits center of this area. At a distance of 8 KM from Bhowali there is a place known as Kaichidham where a beautiful temple is located. There will be a festival during starting of rainy season every year. From here Ranikhet is 34 KM.

Ranikhet Sightseeing Places

Ranikhet is a peaceful town with less traffic and disturbances on the roads. Here you can enjoy the cam and quite atmosphere prevailing throughout the town. As part of Uttarakhand culture there are three to four good temples located here. If you are not interested in temples then you can visit fruits garden at Chaubatia and the golf ground located at the end of the town on the way towards Almora. The war museum of Kumaun regiment is another attraction for the tourist. If you have a plan to travel to Kusani or Almora from Ranikhet then on the way you can visit Golf ground and Kali temple located close to golf ground.

Jhula Devi temple

You will be supprised by the countless bells hanged through out the temple complex. These are offering donated by devotees after fulfillments of their prayers or wishes. You will also find similar bells at Kali temple near Golf ground.
It is believed that goddess Durga in the form of Jhula Devi protect livestock of local villages from wild animals of surrounding Jungles. The present temple complex was constructed in the year 1935. The countless bells hang around the temple compound are testimony to the divine and healing power of Maa Jhula Devi

Chaubatia garden fruit orchard

Fruits garden at Chaubatia At a distance of 8 KM from main city center and 5 KM from KMVN tourist rest house ( Mall road ) . There are several types of apple trees, local fruits and several tall Himalayan tree varieties are planted here. You need to go around the garden to see all types of trees and fruits available here. There is no entry fee but guides are available to explain you about various plants with medicinal affects and its uses in preparing modern days creams and medicines.
Guide rate for the garden is Rs 100. There is an dense forest adjacent to the fruits garden with tall trees , passing through this jungle trail is an excellent experience . Guide charges for this jungle trail is extra Rs 100. Combining both fruit garden and jungle trek will take one hour time. Tourist can visit Bhalu Dam ( 6 KM trek ) at distance from here but to visit prior preparation is required. You can encounter several jungle animals during this trek to Bhalu Dam. Usually family tourists avoid this trek long trek in jungle. There is one fruit stall at the entrance selling local fruits of the garden. After a trip of Jungle trek and fruits garden visit you can have drink a bottle of redondance flower juice at the canteen.

Sadar Bazar - The main market of Ranikhet

The main market area is located near Gandhi chowk with several local shops and this is the busiest area of Ranikhet. There are good and budget hotels are available in this market area of Ranikhet. There are several hotels and resorts are available around Ranikhet , mostly good resorts are towards fruit garden road There is a Mall road but like other towns of Uttarakhand Mall road of Ranikhet is not the busy market area.

Uppat Golf ground

Golf Ground If you are traveling towards Kausani then on the way you can visit golf ground and nearby Kali temple located just after golf ground. Ranikhet is popular for its 9 hole golf ground. Close to the golf ground is Kali temple. The road passes through the center of the golf ground.

Tarikhet: Gandhiji stayed here in the year 1920, this place is 10 KM distance.
Aashiyana Park: Children park and herbal garden at a distance of 6 KM.

Kumaun and Naga regiment War museum

There is a war museum where glorious history of Naga regiment and Kumaun regiment is displayed. Photographs of all heroes of these regiments are displayed with their brave story. History of wars and details of solders of British era were displayed in this museum. Weapons captured during world war II are in display here. Artillery and other weapons are in display here. There is a visual display arrangement at the top floor of the museum.

In summer the mueum is open from morning 08.30 to 13.30 hours and evening 16.00 to 18.00 hours
In winter the museum is open from morning 09.00 to 13.00 hours and evening 15.30 to 17.00 hours

Entry fee is Rs 20/- , photography is strictly prohibited. Bags are not allowed inside the museum. They are to be deposited at the entrance. IT will take minimum 30 minutes to cover all the three floors for a casual visitor. There are lot of reading material available on different wars which these brave soldiers fought to protect our mother land.
There are photo gallery of Kargil war in this museum.
There is a temple and a Gurudwar maintained by army near the museum
Swal factory is located close to the Museum

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