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Devprayag confluenc of Bhagirathi & AlaknandaDevprayag This place is famous for the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. After this join of two rivers the combined river is officially known as the river Ganga. Alaknanda river starts from Alakpuri glacier ahead of Badrinath Dham meets Bhagirathi here. Bhagirathi river starts from Gomukh glacier which is 18 KM from Gangotri temple. This place at a height of 813 meter has high religious significance. Lord Rama meditated here after killing Ravan of Lanka. There are temples and many steps are there to descend upto the water level. Because of Tehri dam at up stream of river Bhagirathi water level in this river is less and water fluctuates based on the discharge of water from dam. There are warning boards cautioning visitors going down to the water level about the chance of rising water level.

Tourists usually come to this place while returning from Badrinath Dham on their way to Rishikesh. Devprayag ( Deoprayag ) is 68 KM from Rishikesh. Pandas or Pujaris of Badrinath Dham hails from this town. This place is also famous for astronomical studies. From here one road goes by the side of river Bhagirathi to Yomunotri ( via Tehri ) and other road along the side of river Alaknanda goes to Kirtinagarg, Srinagar and Kedarnath.

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