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Luhasa Thatch to Dhundha Day 7

Galcier on the way to Dhundha CampAt 8.00 AM we started our trek of around 7.5 KM to south east direction and very soon we were on some small and slippery glaciers. It was repeated climbs and descends down the slopes but the point to be observed was that for most part of the trek we were walking on the left side slopes of the hills and this would continue tomorrow as well. So many people feel pressure on the last toe of the left foot. Realizing this early, I wrapped the area with clinical plaster courtesy who else, our Kerala team mates. This certainly saved me from blisters in those areas.

Whole patch was slippery due to melting ice in the nearby areas. On the way, you see may trees of Bhoj Patra, layers of whose trunk can be peeled off and were used for writing in ancient times. The epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana are believed to have been written on Bhoj Patras. Guide was kind enough to climb a small tree and cut enough pieces of Bhoj Patras for all of us.

Dhunda CampLunch point once again was on a sprawling meadows and there was no tea point on the way.

We reached the Dhundha camp site by 2.00 PM which was situated on meadows close to a snow clad mountain and we were afraid that it would be cold there due to the breeze from that side. Contrary to our apprehensions we felt quite warm there this is the effect of the acclimatization your comfort level increase.

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