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Almora Town Amora is a district headquarter of Uttarakhand state. Almora once was the base of British rulers in India. As the center of Kumaon region this town is entry point for many hill stations and upper Kumaon regions.

Sightseeing points of Almora

This is not so big town and you can easily cover local areas in a half day sightseeing trip. At one end of the town there is a deer park and a mini zoo at a distance of 6 KM from Almora. You can see snow leopard here. These animals are captured from nearby villages or donated by outsiders. After visiting the zoo and deer park you can travel to Chitai devi temple located at a distance of 20 KM from town. The road passes through tall trees and bends roads.

Chitai Devi temple

Golu Devata at Chitai temple is popular among locals. Many mirage and other functions performed here. Devotees come here with their wishes and hang bell after fulfillment of their wishes. You will find many bells tied to the sides of the temple and walkways. Devotees write their wishes in bond papers and hang it along with the bell. You can see X-ray plates of patients are also hanged praying for their good health. After Chitai devi temple you can return and visit Kasar devi temple located on the way to Binsar wild life sanctuary.

Swami Vivekananda came to Almore by walk and spend some time here. There is a Rama Krishna Mission ashram at Almora. You can visit this quite and peaceful place located at a distance of 2 KM. There is a park constructed where Swami Vivekananda had sit for meditation while he was in Almora.

Painted rock shelter Lakhudiyar near Almora

17 KM from Almora, there is stone cave which was once used as shelter by ancient civilization. Paintings of those days are still visible in the caves. The shape of the top of the cave looks like head of a cobra snake. This is a protected monument as declared by Archeological survey of India.

Local Sweet of Almore is quite famous and it is known as Bal Methae . It is available at a rate of Rs 180/- per Kg.
Binsar wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 32 KM from Almora.

Distance of different places from Almora.

Almora to Delhi is 350 KM via Khairna, Bhowali, Kathgodam
Almora to Nainital is 65 KM
Almora to Ranikhet is 45 KM
Almora to Mukteshwar is 55 KM
Almora to Munsiyari is 223 KM

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