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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Watch Tower inside Binsar Sanctuary Close to Almora at a distance of 30 KM , Binsar wild life sanctuary started in the year 1988. This reserve forest is located at a height of 2270 meter and it covers an area of 47.8 square KM. The peak point known as Zhandi Dhar is at a height of 2412 meter. This sanctuary is under Civil Soyam Van Prabhag Almora is famous of eco tourism. During British rule there was a base at Amora and during summer time because of pleasant cool weather Binsar was used as summer capital for all official purposes. There are 5 villages inside the sanctuary and 30 villages outside the boundary of the sanctuary.

There is no town or village is known as Binsar , it is the whole forest which is known as Binsar Wildlife sanctuary. This place attracts tourist mainly wildlife lovers. You can do activities like nature walk, trekking, cycling , bird watching while watching the breathtaking view of landscape around.

Entering to the sanctuary

There is a reserve forest entry point (check post) located at a distance of 22 KM from Amore side. From this checkpost or entry gate to Jungle KMVN resort is 10 KM. Entry fee are Rs 150/- for head per day. Students are charged Rs 75/- , foreign nationals has to pay Rs 600/-. vehicle entry fee is Rs 250/- , Medium vehicle Rs 500/- and heavy vehicle is Rs 800/-

Binsar Mahadev Temple There is a big board showing does and don't inside the sanctuary as per the wild life protection act.
Inside the sanctuary there is an old 17th centurary Binsar Mahadev temple constructed by Kalyan Chand. This temple is at a distance of 6 KM from the forest entry gate.

Sunset View point

Located within 1 KM distance from KMVN guest house , this sunset view point is located near forest bungalow. You can relax and watch sun going down inside hills.

Trekking inside Jungle

Tourist go for this jungle trek of 1.8 KM distance ( one way ) starting near to KMVN guest house. This trek is available since early morning. There is not much climbing is involved and can easily done who can walk for 2 KM. Guides are available at the starting point and it is better to engage a guide as he will explain you about flora and fauna available. They carry a guide book and you can refer to that if you have any doubt about the birds and trees. This jungle trail is good track for walking and if you are lucky you can spot animals also. Carry one water bottle with you while going for this two hours jungle trek. Usually you can easily spot birds like Spot Wing tit, Chestnut Bellied nuthatch, Chestnut Bellied rocktrach, Eurasian Jay, Oriental Turtle Dove etc .

Jungle trekking inside Binsar wildlife sanctuaryAmong the trees and its varieties mostly you will see Oak ( main tree here ) , Rhododendron arborecun, Pine, Deodar ,Seder, Lyonie ovaliflolia etc.
Your guide will be watching around for spotting these birds and animals. At the end of the trek you will reach the zero point view tower also known as Zhandi Dhar. From here if weather is clear you will get a good view of Himalayan peaks. You can see Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Panchchuli and Nanda Kot. It will take 1 hour of walk to reach this point and return trip will take 45 minutes. Total time period for this trek 2 hours.

Guide fee is Rs 250 /- ( no need to bargain )
Other than this trek there are other jungle treks are available. To complete all the treks it will take nearly 7 days. Usually half day guide charge for any trek is Rs 500 and for full day it is Rs 1000.
Half day village and cultural trek through jungle and near by villages. Guide fee will be full day Rs 1000

Moyoulikhan trek

This is a jungle trek with mostly for spotting wild life like mountain goat etc. This 7 KM trek is full day trek with guide fee or Rs 1000 without lunch charges.
There is a 4 hours dense Jungle trek in Binsar forest . Half day trek guide charges Rs 500
Jageshwar trek of 17 KM , one day trek ,guide fee is Rs 1000.
There are different treks for bird watchers in the morning and evening time around water points.

Accommodation inside and outside Binsar sanctuary

KMVN Resort inside Binsar wildlife sanctuary You can stay inside or outside the sanctuary. Due to restrictions within sanctuary area electricity is not available in KMVN resort. During evening time from 6 PM to 9 PM power supply is given by running a generator. Hot water etc are provided in morning hours in buckets on request. You need to give your food order before as dinner is prepared as per requirements. You have to take food in your resort only as there are no other restaurants or markets are available. Some of the resorts provide home stay with local food in villages around the forest. Few of the hotels of Binsar are listed here.
The weather remains cool in hot summer month of May, you need light woolen dress during all summer months. In peak winter seasons temperature goes below 0 degree Celsius.
You can visit Binsar throughout the year however best time to visit is Summer ( Apr June ) and early winter months ( Sep Nov ). Chance of getting good view of Himalayan peaks is more in early winter days.

How to reach Binsar.

Nainital to Binsar is 96 KM
Nearest Rail connection is Kathgodown and then by road to Binsar
From Delhi by road it is through Moradabad Haldwani Binsar ( 395 KM )
By Air nearest airport is Pantnagar and then by road through Haldwani.

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