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Wandoor beach

Wandoor beach
The beautiful Wandoor beach is situated at Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, around 30 Kms from Port Blair. For travelling to Jolly buoy and Red skin islands, people have to reach this place by road and board the ship (port charter boats).
Nearly 15 islands are located surrounding this stretch of pristine coastline. The Mahatma Gandhi National Marine part stretches about 282 Sq.Km. Small ships (port charter boats) start from this Wandoor beach towards Jollybuoy and Red Skin islands.

People booking their trip in Andaman through travel agents have to be careful when Wandoor beach is included in their plan. Though the beach is nice to visit, one cannot spend much time in this place. It is not good to enjoy the beach play for kids here as there will be lot of fisher men boats parked at the shore. Include Jolly buoy or Red Skin island in the trip so that this place will also be included in the itenerary. Visitors will get half an hour to one hour time in this place during boarding the port charters. This time is sufficient to enjoy Wandoor beach. Verygood tender coconuts are available in this place. People have to purchase tickets if not engaged through any tourist agents, INR 250 per person. For still camera INR 50 and INR 80 is to be paid for video cameras.

Wandoor beach
People travelling towards Red Skin or Jolly buoy islands have to submit a security deposit of INR 100 at counter in Wandoor beach against each plastic item they like to carry along with them. Both Jolly buoy and Red Skin islands are NO PLASTIC zones. They will get the money back after returning and producing the same items at the counter. Visitors have to take tickets for each camera they would like to carry along with them towards Jolly buoy and Red Skin islands at this counter at Wandoor beach. Make sure to reach Wandoor beach before 9.00am as the port charters will start towards Jolly buoy and Red Skin islands at 9.00am.
Moudera island is one more coral island which is worth visiting. This can be planned if Jolly buoy or Red skin islands are closed or un available.

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