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Havelock island

This island is famous for its golden sand beach and bluish green sea water. Four hours Sea journey from Port Blair.
Only one ship travels to and fro between Port Blair and Havelock. The journey starts at 6.00am reaching the island at 10.00am. The same ship returns at 2.00pm at Havelock and reaches Port Blair at 6.00pm. Travellers prefer to stay in this island as the colour of the beaches varies from early morning Sun light to evening dusk. Scuba diving and Snorkeling are available in these beaches.

There are divers clubs available and people from these clubs will escort if people are interested in scuba diving. Very good tender coconut and all varieties of meals available. People travelling through package trips, will get their lunch served in the ship itself. After getting down from the ship, the beach is 15-20 minutes journey by vehicle. This island is included in the standard package of Andaman trip. For one day package, visitors will get approximately 2 hours to enjoy in the beach. Near the beach, small tents and plastic chairs are available for rent to sit and enjoy. The water in the sea is bluish and the sand is shiny with reflections. The beach is very safe to play. Nearer to the beach, there is facility to change the dress. Fruits and snacks available at small shops.
Havelock sea beach
People travelling to Havelock have to reach shipping point before 6.00am. Just 30minutes (45 minutes from Ripple resorts) journey from Port Blair to shipping point. The ship journey ticket is issued at the shipping point itself. INR 300 for bottom and INR 450 for top deck. Snacks, soft and cool drinks are available. Light food like Biryani and fried rice is also available in the ship but the price is at a little bit higher side.

After getting down from the ship at Havelock, 30minutes journey has to be performed to reach Radhanagar beach.
Travellers who stay at Havelock island can plan to visit Elephanta ride which is also famous for snorkeling. Crystal clear water is the highlight of this area. This place is 30 minutes journey from Havelock harbour point by boat. The transportation costs around INR 1000 and may vary during different seasons.
Ship at Havelock
At Elephanta ride, there is a very small area of land and dress changing room is available. The person who takes the tourists by boat will also take care of snorkeling. The area is surrounded by very thick and dense forest.
Buffalo beach is one more important destination at Havelock for snorkeling and under water vision. Boat facility is available and the person riding the boat will take care of everything. INR 700 will be charged for the entire trip from Havelock to Buffalo beach and back if booked separately. The capacity of the boat is for 10 people.

At Havelock, people prefer to stay at Dolphin resorts which is just adjacent to the beach. Knee level water for a very long distance at see is the interesting point. There is a wall constructed to avoid see water entering into resort area. People can enjoy the night environment of the sea.

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