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Mud Volcano

mud volcano This mud volcano is one more main attraction for visitors travelling in Andaman islands. Though this Volcano is nature's wonder, it may disappoint the people who see this physically. This Volcano is nearer to Baratang Jetty of Andaman islands (middle Andaman). It takes atleast a day to visit this place and return to Port Blair. People have to travel through road in a Jarwan tribal reserve (forest area) and cross the sea at Baratang jetty. After crossing the sea people reach the Uttara Jetty . From Uttara Jetty this place is 20 minutes journey by road.

The standard package for this trip includes Limestone Caves also. After crossing the Baratang jetty, travellors first go towards Limestone Caves and then return back to the same Uttara Jetty. The Sea Journey and the Journey through Mangrooves is a memorable one. From Uttara Jetty visitors have to travel towards Mud Volcano which is only 20minutes journey. Vehicles reach nearer to mud volcano and then the place can be reached by 10minutes walk. There is a small hut constructed nearer to volcano erruption to take rest and relax. Details are available on boards regarding the Mud Volcano the site.
People return to Uttara jetty area after visiting Mud Volcano and can take lunch here. Normal south Indian meals available with very limited menu.

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Baratang mud volcano was one of the places which we visited last year during our Andaman tour. Sorry to say,it disappointed us.Firstly the long distance and secondly there is nothing to see.Mud volcano is by name only,but actually there's no such evolving spot which I can say volcano.Only there are two or three holes on a little bit height from the level,wherefrom some mud bubbles are evolving with a time gap of one/two minutes.Hence my suggestion is to give up to visit this site,having suffered a lot of trouble due to long journey by such a rough road.

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