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Uttara jetty

Uttara jetty Uttara jetty is the main center place to travel towards Limestone caves and Mud volcano. People planning to go to Diglipur, can proceed by road. This place can be reached by launch service at Baratang jetty, 15-20 minutes journey by sea.

After crossing the sea bay between this jetty and Baratang jetty, people can have breakfast here at places provided for the purpose. Public toilets available. Small hotels ( with mini south Indian meal), refreshments available. Tender coconuts and green vegetables are also available.

Sea journey
The normal trip is to go by sea journey from Uttara jetty to Limestone caves first which is nearly one hour (one side). Journey is by country diesel boats. Maximum 8 members are allowed in each boat. Life saving jackets are provided for each person.Tickets are to be purchased at Uttara jetty for boat journey.

People have to return to the same Uttara jetty after visiting Limestone caves to travel towards Mud volcano. Journey to Mud volcano is by road (20 minutes journey).

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