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Andaman Limestone caves

Limestone cave Frankly speaking, this cave won't impress much. But, the journey on to these is really mesmerising which covers all the way through Tribal reserves, A bay crossing between Baratang and Uttara Jetty, one hour journey from Uttara jetty including Mangroove area . These caves are nearer to Baratang Jetty . The sea journey starts from the other side of the sea called Uttara Jetty. The Sea Journey is through boats, 45minutes to one hour journey.

During rush/peak seasons, from December to March, the crowd near the cave is usually more. As the entry and exit is same, people will be asked to stay outside the cave to clear the crowd inside the cave. There are small huts to take rest and to have refreshments. Nearer to the cave tender coconut, snacks, lemon juice, cucumber are available. There are only few local people stay nearer to this place. A forest guard has been appointed to take care of mischieves which may happen due to people visiting the cave.
Limestone cave pictures of Baratang in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Journey to limestone caves

lime stone cave sea journeyThis journey is nearly one hour from Uttara jetty. The journey is through country diesel boat. Life saving jackets will be provided. Maximum 8 people are allowed in one boat. The journey passes through the narrow mangroves (nearly one kilometer) to reach the limestone cave which gives a feeling of journey in the jungle on the sea. This area is very conjusted and the boys in each boat guide the boats using poles manually. The boat journey is included in the package of Andaman tourism. For independent travelling, an INR 100 per person will be charged for visiting Limestone Cave and returning.
Some of the important items which people can carry along with them during this journey include sufficient water (atleast one litre per person), umbrella during summer season, head caps, napkins. Wearing canvas shoes is a better idea. These diesel country boats are not stable in the sea. A very slight tilt in the sitting position of any person inside the boat will make the boat to wobble and people will get scared. So, be careful during this journey while sitting. If children are sitting in the boat, take extra precautions to hold them.

lime stone cave sea journey Mangrove area
Don't allow anybody to insert their hands in the sea as there may be chances of getting pulled into the water. There will be two boys in each boat. One boy will be handlling the engine and direction while the other person will be helping him. The end of this sea journey will be at the mangroves where the boat takes a left turn. In this area, the boat's engine will be kept off and will be sailed manually. This area is very narrow and the only way to enter and return back to sea.

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Boat parking at limestone caves

end of mangrove journey This is the end point of sea journey by boat from Uttara jetty towards limestone cave. From here it is only 1 to 2 kms walk to limestone caves. Before reaching this place, the journey through mangroove is mesmerising and thrilling. There are rest places (small huts) which can accomodate 15 to 20 people. The place is protected by forest department and guards are posted in this area. There are two ways to reach Limestone caves from this point. Better take one way to go towards caves and return through the other way. While leaving the place, remember your boat and the person (driver).

Channel bay at limestone caves

mangrove journeyThis journey is only 10 minutes before reaching the end point of sea journey towards limestone caves. It takes through sharp curves and the only way to reach and return from the end point.
After taking the left turn from the sea, immediately in this narrow mangrove area the engine of the boat will be stopped as the speed will be very less. Guiding through
One boy will be guiding the direction at front of the boat by pushing the trees grown on the banks. The other boy will be sailing to make the boat move forward. People coming back take the same way and sufficient gap will be maintained between the ongoing and returning boats. Take care of your hands at the edges of the boat. Sometimes the returning boats hit your boat and chance of hands getting crushed is more.

mangrove journeySecurity post
On the way you will see the forest security posts and the security guard. The boat starts wobbling heavily and the stability will be very less. Take care of the children, make their hands kept inside and hold them properly. Some people will get scared of the wobbling and some enjoy the thrilling journey. In between the engine will be made on just to glide through the straight path and again will be switched off. The turns are very narrow and sometimes the edges and sides of the boat hit the banks of the channel, sit firmly to avoid falling off the boat.

End point
The journey is only 10-15 minutes after taking left turn from sea bay. People will reach this area which is the starting point to limestone caves by walk. There are rest places available. People can take rest for some time and proceed towards limestone cave. Remember your boat and the people who took you to the place. You have to board the same boat while returning. One of the boys also come with you and offering some amount, they help you in carrying your luggages (if any) to limestone caves area. Visit the Andaman and Nicobar home page for details of places and distances

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I had visited this cave by march 2012.It was really awesome to watch.The journey on to this cave is really impressed..

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