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Corals of Andaman

under water corals The under water corals in Andaman island beaches are colourful and live. One can experience the live corals at Jolly buoy, red skin, North bay and other island beaches. Snorkeling and Scuba diving is a great experience in these marine world.
Jolly buoy and Redskin islands are in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park. Each of these islands are open only 6 months in a year to protect the corals. Jolly buoy and Red skin islands are opened alternatively.
For visitors who are scared of snorkeling and Scuba diving, they can avail glass bottom boat facility to see corals while traveling inside the coral beach. 45 minutes to one hour package is available. The charges for these facilities vary depending upon the time visitors like to spend. For 30-45 minutes, INR 50 is the normal amount one can afford. Confirm which island is opened for visitors before planning Andaman trip. Wheather proof cameras are available for rent if people are interested in taking the photograph of under water corals. Travellers can even try to take photos while travelling glass bottom boats. This is possible with additional cost and also after getting down from the main ship while reaching the beach.
North bay coral beach is a little bit crowded as it is very nearer to Port Blair and all facilities are available. In Jolly buoy and Red skin, because these are remotely located islands, no facilities are available and people have to carry all related belongings along with them.
Don't try to carry these corals along with you as this is considered as an affence. Get the reciept from the shop if you have purchased any pearls or corals in Andaman. This may help if any checkings are done at Air port.

Visit the Picture gallery to view the images of under water corals in North bay, Jolly buoy islands of Andaman and Nicobar

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