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Bartang Island

Baratang Island
Baratang island is located between Middle and South Andaman Islands. People willing to see Limestone caves and Mud volcano have to cross through this island. The journey is through thick, dense forest area. The forest area journey is about 50Kms. The journey is by road. This place is considered as Jarawa tribe reserve. Though the destination places are few (Limistone caves and mud volcano), the experience of forest and sea journey is memorable. Tourists can also plan to visit Parrot Island and Rangat. They have to stay at Baratang for Parrot Island and should stay at Rangat if planned to visit Havelock from Rangat.

Check post

baratang jettyThere is a forest check post at the starting point of the journey. All the tourist and non-tourist vehicles moving towards Baratang jetty shall start in group. For each group, security people (with rifle) shall board front and back vehicles. The first clearence for vehicle movement will be at 6.00am (One and half hour journey from Port Blair). Vehicles starting from Port Blair start at 4.00am and reach this check post place by 6.00am. Tea and refreshments will be available at this check post area. Pay and use toilets are provided for public. This place is the starting point of Jarawan reserve. Initial 50Kms road is wider and overtaking is possible. The final half of the journey is through narrow road and thick and dens forest can be seen on either side. Some times this part is referred as convoy.

Forest journey

baratang starting forest checkpostOnce the journey starts at the check post, people will witness the thick dense, green forest during their journey to Baratang jetty place. Photography is strictly prohibited in the forest area. The defaulter's equipment may even be siezed by security people. During this forest journey, Jarawan tribes are seen in so many places holding some kind of weapons which are used for hunting. All the vehicles released at the starting point of the check post before Baratang forest zone, have to travel together. Gaps should not be maintained between vehicles (should be in the visible range). If a vehicle coming behind is not seen for sometime, driver will slow down his vehicle so that the vehicle coming behind reaches nearby.

Baratang Jetty

At the end of this forest journey (one to one and half hour), people reach Baratang jetty area. There is a check post here too. People can see so many Jarawan tribes here. Taking photographs of these tribes is strictly prohibited. They even beg tourists for food.
People can relax for some time in this area (5 to 10 minutes). People visiting this place in group can manage to cross the sea bay using small motor boats also. But, take care of the belongings.

Baratang jetty

Crossing the bay

Launch service is available to cross the sea bay(15-20 minutes journey) to reach Uttara jetty. People can move towards Limestone caves and Mud volcano from Uttara jetty. People travelling towards Diglipur can proceed by road in their respective vehicle from Uttara jetty. While travelling in the launch (ferry), people can climb up to the top of the ferry and experience the wide geographical view of the vast forest and sea area. The forest looks dark green during fall season.

While returning to Port blair, all vehicles wait at the check post here at Baratang jetty. Once all the vehicles have reached the check post, the check post gate will be opened and vehicles can go in groups. The normal time of opening this gate is at 2.00 pm. Security people board front and back vehicles (with rifle). The same forest journey can be experienced till the starting check post towards Port blair. There will be some rest time again at this place. Once all the vehicles gather the journey continues towards Port Blair.

Launch service People will be reaching the Port Blair back during evening 6.30pm. For lunch, there are few small hotels and houses available who provide simple South Indian meal. As soon as you reach Uttara jetty, before proceeding towards Lime stone caves you have to give advance to these people for lunch. They take INR 30 per person for serving food. After visiting Mud Volcano you can visit the same place for lunch.
One can even visit Parrot island which is very nearby to Baratang jetty point. But, make sure that you reach this place in the evening around 5.00pm. The sunset is worth seeing as there will be huge number of parrots enter this area during evening. This is just 30 minutes journey by boat from Baratang jetty. The price varies from INR 1000 to INR 1500 depending upon the season. During starting season (October) the cost usually is very less.
Visitors who would like to visit Parrot island, have to stay at Baratang jetty one day if they want to visit along with Mud Volcano and Limestone caves. The accomodation cost in a resort is usually more, ranges from INR 2000 to INR 3000 for NON-AC. Some local people also provide accomodation facility at a reasonable price too (INR 300 to 400).

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Shemsher B. Singh


The journey from Port Blair to Baratang island was one of the most adventrous & Fascinating journeys of my life. The land route passing through dense forests and sea rout cruising through back waters up to lime stone caves was really a thrilling experience. A chance encounter with Jirwa tribals along the road was an added attraction. The boat cruising through thick foliage forming a canopy still haunts my memory.

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