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Corbyn's cove beach

corbyn This picture shows the aerial view of Corbyn's cove beach area in Andaman. Nearer to this beach, resorts of both government and private are availabe.
This beach is very nearer to the main city Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Most of the water sport facilities are available here. All kind of arrangements for visitors are also available. A small restaurant and a hotel is available nearby for refreshments and food also. If one wants lunch or dinner, the hotel people are to be informed in advance for menu. Restaurant is available nearer to Government resort. The hotel is approximately 1 Km away. The private resorts are called Ripple resorts. Very good South Indian meal is served in these resorts (sometimes made to order). These resorts are 15Kms away from Port Blair Ariport. If options are available for traveller to stay in these resorts, better consider it seriously. Sun rise at Corbyn cove beach is just unforgettable.

Images of Corbyn Cove beach from flight in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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