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Journey to Havelock island

havelock shipping pointThis is four to four and half hour journey from Portblair. A very good experience at the ship to enjoy the beauty of the sea and surrounding island. There is only one ship a day from Portblair to Havelock and returning. The ship starts at 6.00am in the morning and reaches Havelock by 10.00am. The same ship leaves Havelock at 2.00pm and reaches Portblair back by 6.00pm. Few islands are visible at a far away distance during the journey.

There are two categories for the passengers in the ship, upper and lower. Passengers have to take journey tickets at the time of boarding the ship. The tickets will be given against the passenger's name. People are supposed to reach the shipping point early morning before 6.00am preferably 15 minutes in advance. Passengers are supposed to occupy their seats at respective category only in the ship. We didn't face any restriction in entering into the upper category as our ticket was for lower one. Once the journey starts, people can enter any category. The entry into the deck is restricted. One of the crew member will open the gate to enter the deck later. Until then passengers are not allowed to climb up into the deck.

havelock sea journey Inside the ship eatables like Snacks, soft drinks and mineral water are available. People who book their trip to Havelock island get their breakfast also packed and will be carried along with them. There are no much time spending events in the ship. If people are travelling in groups, better to have some games so that the journey will not be boring. Usually the onward journey will be good as the surrounding is new to the people and can enjoy the sea and the surrounding environment. But, while returning, people may feel the journey as boring. Sometimes the sea will not be calm. Sometimes there will be disturbance in the sea. It may cause the ship to wobble and there may be chances of vomitting for some people.

During summer times the entire ship gets heated up. Especially while coming, the lower and the upper part and also the deck will be very hot. In the upper category only fans are provided and better to sit nearer to these fans. We suffered a lot because of this while returning. Later in the evening after 5.00pm only the temperature comes down and people will get relief.

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