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Guna Paani

Guna Pani camp This was the first higher camp for Sar pass YHAI trek. Located at a height of 8000 ft above sea level, the camp is surrounded by lush green trees and valleys. To the east side ice covered Himalayan peaks can be seen and to the west, steep valley is located. There is electricity nearer to the camp. Some local people had arranged a temporary tent for selling coffee, tea, omlet and snacks. Temporary electricity line was provided here where one or two junction boxes are installed. Trekkers can charge their batteries used in electronic gadgets. The amount for each battery charging is INR 10. We found these villagers coming to this tent at early hours around 6.00 AM and leaving at late night 8.00pm. During the trekking period they earn quite a good amount of money through this facility. The main fuel for the food preparation is wood available in the forest. We also found this area helpful for warming up in the chilled weather condition. These people talk good Hindi and one more local Himachal Pradesh language around Kullu Manali districts called Kulbi.

There were totally 6 tents for trekkers at Guna Paani (one tent is exclusively for ladies). One tent for storing food items and other YHAI materials, one for cooking were also seen. There was a small bench like structure made by wooden logs which was being used for keeping vessels to serve food for trekkers. The raw food items are brought from base camp at Kasol and stored which is sufficient for at least one week.
To the East side of tents location, a beautiful panoramic view of Himalaya is situated. The Om peak is clearly visible. The name Om for this peak has come because of the strange formation of snow on the peak in the form of Hindi alphabetic letter OM. The valley view, bus route between Barshaini village and Manikaran is visible like a bright snake path. 180 degrees of panoramic view is seen if the weather is clear with blue sky. The peaks become reddish during Sun set.
Few more houses were found to the south side of the camp. These are the houses of local people working in the surrounding field. Some of them allow to take hot water bath charging INR 20 per bucket. The water is trapped from the natural flow and provided near the camp through a pipe. The water is chilled cold and used for all purposes like, cooking, drinking, washing etc... For nature calls, locations are fixed at different directions (usually opposite) for men and women. At Guna Pani, it is South side for women and North side for men. Though temporary commodes are provided, many people preferred open space. Water is to be carried from the camp along with tissue paper roll.

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