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Fual Paani

Fual Pani camp This was the most dangerous higher camp site location in Sar pass YHAI 2009 trek. The approach way just before the tents is a too steep descent. More people cannot assemble at one point during any event. They have to adjust themselves on the steep to listen to the camp leader for instructions during entering and leaving the camp. The area is located in a thick dense forest with huge trees. A steep valley exists just beside the camp area. So trekkers are to be very careful while coming out from the tents for any reason. It is advisable to wear shoes while moving around the camp site. The area will become more slippery if rain comes and that makes further difficult to move around.

Inside the tents the ground is not very horizontal because of the slant hill. Members have to adjust themselves with the slope while sleeping. We found many members slipping down towards on side in the morning because of the slope while people sleeping at the other side going to the edge of the tent almost coming outside. Five tents for men and one tent for women were allotted. Tent for cooking is located at an elevated place beside which arrangements were made for serving the food. Just in front of this tent there is a natural water point provided through a pipe for all purpose. Another 5mts away, further elevated, a private tent was made by some local people to sell coffee, tea, cigarettes, biscuits and other snack items.
For nature calls, the areas located are a little difficult to approach but it is the part of trekking. Members will be instructed not to use the normal path as it will be used by so many trekkers which may become dirty. For men the area is towards the canteen and for women it is at the other side up hill area. We had tough time in that day serving nature call at mid night 2.00am. Though there was a little moon light, the path was too dark and was not visible properly with torch light even. We had to climb a small hill in between bushes to find a proper place. Never go alone outside here for any activity as the surrounding is dangerous. As per the camp leader some wild animals too are present in the area and may become troublesome. Confirm the tent out going way thoroughly as soon as the tent is allotted to avoid slipping down to valley if wrong path is taken.

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