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Bhandak Thatch YHAI Sarpass higher camp

Fual Pani camp Bhandak thatch higher camp is located at a height of 8000fts from sea level. The camp location is nothing less to Switzerland. This camp is the most beautiful among other camps in YHAI Sarpass trek. Located in a very vast plain green land, the camp site is surrounded by himalayan peaks at 270 degrees. Some trekkers avoid visiting this camp to return to base camp saving one day in their trekking schedule. But that is a real miss not seeing this gorgeous camp location. As soon as one enters this area, he will be welcomed by a series of Himalayan peaks standing at the back side of the camp. It looks as if the peaks are gaurding the most beautiful piece of land on the earth. The camp place is elevated over the valley and then the Himalayan range of peaks emerge from no where.

Just like Biskeri Thatch camp site, there are 9 tents available in this camp too. One foor cooking and one ladies are exclusively kept. This camp retains the beauty of Himalayas not to disappoint the trekkers who had seen the Sarpass in the previous day. Otherwise the trekking, mostly descending, would have been a strenous walking through jungles with Deodar trees. We had a very good camp leader here organizing games among trekkers in the evening after tea. The weather is chilled but no problem for breathing. We found so many horses which are left free in this area. It is very hard to leave this place and proceed as the nature binds everybody with its beauty. The mesmerizing view of white mountain peaks between green land and the blue sky is nothing less to heaven.
Like Biskeri Thatch, there are no private tea canteens in this camp site. This is the only camp from which no guide will accompany the trekkers for next camp which is the base camp itself. For nature calls, men are allotted the down hill side and for women the place opposite to the entry to the camp is located. The water point is located at the up hill side nearer to the tent meant for cooking. There is a small lake kind of water storing place in the site but when we visited there was hardly any water. It would be a nice view of seeing the reflection of the Himalayan peaks through this water. We had a clear blue sky with full moon view from this camp site over the Deodar trees and snow capped mountains.

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