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Biskeri Thatch YHAI Sarpass trek higher camp

Fual Pani camp This is the first camp after crossing Sar pass and sliding down the snow. Trekkers find the trees again in this area. The camp tents are beautifully located at the edge giving a view of total view of Himalaya in front. The tents are located at plain green land. But during early May, trekkers have experienced heavy snow falling in this area, sometimes 3-4 feets. The destination, Barshaini village can be seen from the camp area. Total nine tents are located at this camp including tent for cooking and one tent exclusively for ladies. Water point is available very nearer like other camps which is taken from an ice melting water area.
At the back side of the tents, valley view can be seen with waterfalls from the hills. Front view is a gorgeous Himalayan range. One side is with huge Deodar trees and the other side is a hill from where trekkers descent from Sarpass. Never miss the Sunrise as seen from this camp. The tender rays gushing out from the Himalayan range of mountains is a lifetime experience to witness. The Himalayan peaks as seen at Sarpass are not totally visible in this area but for a small part of it which shows some glimpse of the destination part. Interestingly there are no private tea points surrounding this camp which were seen in earlier camps. Trekkers get relief after reaching this camp as the main part of the Sarpass trekking, that is crossing the Sar peak area is over. They only have those memories, joy, difficulty, worry, scary experiences in this camp. People forget all those difficulties experienced so far by seeing the beauty of the nature in front of them.
For nature calls, decent places are located for men and women separately. Downward left is for men and opposite side for ladies. As per YHAI, this camp is located at a height of 11000fts. Though trees were seen, some people experienced breathing problems temporarily as the Oxygen level is low. Trekkers were asked not to get exhausted themselves on brisk movements in the camp area. Even while going down and climbing up, for taking photos in the surrounding hill area, people were feeling exhausted very soon. We came to know a sad news about two trekkers in the first group who died because of sevre cold. That time there was a huge snow fall and the camp was covered by 4ft of ice. These trekkers got affected at Sarpass because of storm and bad weather conditions and were brought here in critical state. Though first aid and medical aids were available, before further medical help came, they expired. The camp leader later explained the importance of water and food while trekking which was the main reason for such casualities.
The location at Biskeri thatch can be one of the best for film shooting. The place is quite huge and 4 to 5 hours trek (by a regular trekker) to Barshani village. Trekking routes for Man Talai from Barshani is visible from this camp. All the ice covered peaks are visible clearly without any obstruction from trees in this camp. Huge number of vallies from all the sides meeting at Barshani village gives a unique view for trekkers in this camp. The food in this camp will be of a cooked type menu. The timings are all like other camps. Tila Lotni is the exception in the YHAI Sar pass trek regarding food and timing where the lunch pack is with dry items (bescuits, chekkies, badam and others) and starting time is, sometimes, at 4.30am.

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