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From Fual Pani to Zirmi

After spending one night in the deep jungle in the higher camp site of Fual pani, which was a real experience staying in the wild, the next part of Sarpass trek continued. After the routine work in the morning, the group was ready to start by 9.10am. The weather was perfect with tender lighting and clear blue sky. The previous day we had the difficulties of trekking during rain. Everybody had hopes of further enjoying the trek with nature beauty. The only worry was trekking in a narrow path in the steep valley.

To our left, the valley view was fantastic. We could not see the entire Himalayan range but we could clearly see the road way going towards Barshaini. A glimpse of Kheer Ganga Mantalai was also visible. The air was pure and fresh, surrounding was with full of bright green colors having various variants. The path was not continous. In between, fallen wooden logs were used to bridge the path. We had to be very careful in crossing as there was a threat of slipping and falling into the valley. Nobody had any health related problems. After 10mins of trekking, we had to climb a vally which was very steep. From this place the backside view was just fantastic. That view was towards Manikaran. The road and the Parbati river were visible side by side. We were passing through a dense forest area. The color of the leaves were giving the sense of the vegetation with freshness. The air was pure. The tender lighting falling on these leaves gave a fantastic view.
The place where we were walking was too dark. Our front way was hardly visible. At the back we used to see the valley. After one hour of trekking from Fual Pani camp, we came out of the dark forest area and Sun light was visible. We used to feel tha, while climbing, the edge part is the end of the hill. But, as soon as we came to the point, we used to see one more hill to climb. The climb was becoming steeper and steeper. That was a dangerous climb. Any slip and fall would make trekkers disappear in the valley down below. Continuous climbing was impossible. Even experienced trekkers too had tough time. We used to climb a little and take rest. We were standing inclined balancing the load at the back getting support from the stick. Those wooden sticks helped a lot. We had to climb further when the person above leaves the place and moves further. It was almost like climbing at one side of the wall with only 1 to 2 feet width of space for walking. Many trekkers used their other hand also to hold the roots and plants at the hill to be safe while climbing. Taking photograph was very difficult. We could not even talk while trekking. Saving each breath for gaining stamina was very important. After climbing almost a vertical hill, there was a rest point which is almost like a cave. Most of the people were scary as there was less space and chance of falling back to the valley. Tea, snacks were available. We reached this place at 10.30am.
After taking rest for 10mins, we started our trekking further. Very soon we reached a plain area. Everybody got a big relief and took breath for a while. From that place we could see Mantalai and Kheer Ganga Himalayan range clearly but inbetween there used to be trees. Everybody took out their camera and started shooting. We found lot of dead woods and trunks. There is a rope for transerring these woods to ground level. Surprisingly, we observed BSNL and Airtel mobile signals were available during our entire trekking. The left side was a stunning view of snow covered peaks. Clear weather helped us enjoying that scenary. But the valley at the left side was very steep. One person was almost thrown out of the path when he wanted to take the photograph of the Himalaya by sitting. His bag came when he was bending forward and lost balance. Luckily he hold a tree trunk and got saved. Most of the photographers stayed behind. The guide, ladies and others did trekking this part faster.
After enjoying the nature beauty for 20minutes, we reached one more tea point. White Himalayan goats were found here. We took more rest at this place as it was very pleasant. The Sun rays were very sharp. We had to remove our outer jacket to avoid discomfort during trekking. But this place was with dense trees and very cool. We started trekking in the dense forest area. Nothing was there to take photograph. We had to descend initially. Next 45 minutes of trekking was really enjoying. Mantalai Himalayan range was clearly visible and was looking very close. This is a very good location for photography. Wide angle to tele shots are possible with all kind of composition.
Around 12.55pm we reached our lunch point. This was a relatively vast area and very scenic. When we reached, we saw many people sleeping. We had a very enjoying time for 45 minutes after lunch. Front 180 degrees was with Himalayan range and at our back we had green valleys. For the first time we got ample amount time to take photographs freely. Here too some local people had set up a temporary tea stall, snacks were available. Weather became a little cloudy but no signs of rain.
We continued our trek at 1.50pm. The guide was very co operative and was giving instructions at times in a friendly way. There was no hurry for further trek as everything went well as planned. This part of trekking was between rocky area. Very soon we came acrss thick bushes and before we reached a plain area, we had to climb a hill. The steepness was not that much compared to our earlier climb. We reached this place at 2.35pm. That was one more rest point for us. We were not knowing that we were very nearer to our next higher camp, Zirmi. This place was a plain ground with trees at the back and valley at the front giving the view of Snow covered peaks at Himalayan range. We had a portrait session here for 30minutes. Everybody posed for photographers.
We started again at 2.50pm. After 15minutes of trekking we saw the welcome banner of YHAI to Zirmi higher camp site. This area is not possible to explain in words. The scenic beauty was so marvelous, we forgot about reaching the camp site and started taking photographs. The light was perfect and weather helped us. The location of trees, the curves of valleys, the back drop of Himalayan range, dramatic sky and clouds made it perfect for landscape photography. He observed one or two here and there cows and buffaloes in this area. The density of trees was less. As per the instructions by YHAI this area onwards the Oxygen level is less. Rigorous movements were avoided. We spent nearly one hour in this area taking photographs before reaching the campsite of Zirmi. We saw one local tea point before the camp site set up by some local people.

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