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Dhauligiri Shanti Stupa

DhauliGiri Shanti StupaDhauligiri Shanti Stupa near Bhubaneswar is well connected by rail, road and air

After traveling a distance of 7 KMs from Bhubaneswar towards Puri ( or Konarak ) one can see Dhauligiri Shanti Stupa at the right side ( on Dhauli hills ) just after crossing Daya river bridge. From this point on Puri road (also known as Jaganath road ) the Shanti Stupa distance is 3 Km.

This Dhauli Shanti Stupa is also known as Peace Pagoda

Nearest Railway Station is Bhubaneswar and distance from Railway station to Dhauli is 10 Kms.

Lord Buddha Status at Dhauligiri Shanti StupaNearest Airport is Bhubaneswar and it is 12 Km from airport.

By road: It is located at a distance of 3 Km from Bhubaneswar Puri Jaganath Road.

Usually visitors prefer to visit this place for one hour on their journey to Puri or Konark.

Construction of Stupa

Pandit Jawaharlala Neheru laid the foundation stone of first Shanti Stupa in Bihar state at Rajgiri . After this the then Governor of Bihar Sri Nitya Nanda Kanungo decided to establish second Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri in Orissa State. He formed Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangh and became the chairman. Fujii Gurujii along with his young disciples helped in building the Stupa. Nipponzan Myohoji happily beard the entire cost considering it as a offering to Lord Buddha. This Stupa was ready in two year time and got inaugurated on 8th Nov 1972.


It is located close to Bhubaneswar so you can stay in any of the hotels in old town area of Bhubaneswar. Dhauli giri is covered under one day tour program starting from Puri. This place can also be covered in Puri Konark Tour package from Bhubaneswar or Puri

Historic Importance of Dhauligiri

Daya river by the side of Dhauligiri Shanti StupaIt was here at Dhauli by the side of Daya River that emperor Ashok laid down the weapons of violence and accepted a life of Ahimsa in the form of Buddhism after the Kalinga war. This stupa as selected by Fujii guruji is a symbol of peace for the future generation to come.

At Darjeeling ( West Bengal State), there is a another Peace Pagoda constructed by Fujii Gurujee

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