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Car festival or Ratha Yatra of Sri Jagannatha Puri

The Grand road is a wide road to accommodate millions of devotes arrive during Car festival time. During this festival Lord Jagannath, his elder brother lord Balavadra and sister Devi Subhadra visit Gundicha Mandir located at the other end of the Grand road. Three separate chariots one for each god, known locally as Ratha is used during this festival. Ropes connected to each Chariot are being pulled by devotees during the festival. The name of Lord Jagannath Ratha is Nandighose, name of Lord Balavadra ( elder brother ) is Taladyaja and the name of Devi Suvadra ( sister ) is Devadalana . Pulling of Chariots starts with chariot of Lord Balavadra's and then the Ratha of Devi Subhadra is pulled. At the end the chariot of Lord Jagannatha is taken to Gundicha Mandap. On the Ratha Yatra day During the first day of the festival first three statues are shifted from the temple complex to the chariot, this process is known as Pahundi veeje. After this the king of Puri Sri Biradhi Bira Bara, Nabakoti Bargeswar Sri Divya Singh Dev Maharaj perform Chera Pahara a symbolic ritual of cleaning the chariots. The pulling of chariots starts after this. The horses are fixed before starting of the pulling of the chariots. Usually on the second day three chariots reached Gundicha Ghar or Gundicha temple.

At Gundicha temple three gods stays for nine days, including three days on the journey.

Tourist from all parts of the world will visit Puri during this time. Only Hindus are allowed to visit inside the temple so this is an opportunity for all other religion and some other cast devotees to have Darshan ( holy view ) of the three gods, Jaganatha , Balavadra and Devi Subhadra

After returning from Gundicha Mandir near main entrance all three gods will stay for one night on the chariots and during this time they will wear gold ornaments. Many devotes travel to Puri to see god in these golden dress or locally know and Suna Vesa.

Puri Car Festival in the year 2016: Ratha Yatra

Gundicha Yatra ( Onward Journey ) on 6th July 2016
Bahuda Yatra ( Return Journey ) on 14th July 2016

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