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Chilika Lake from Train and NH5

Train passing by side of Chilika Lake
Train line connecting Chennai and Howrah (Kolkata ) passes by the side of this lake. If you are traveling towards ( Barahampur-Visakhapatnam- Chennai ) from Bhubaneswar or from Howarh then you can see the glimpses of this lake just before Balugaon station. Some express trains stops for one minute at Balugaon station. To get a better view sit at left side of the train ( while traveling towards South : Chennai ). You can see Lake very close to the rail track just after a small station Khallikote. Train takes a curve during this area giving a spectacular view of the train and the lake. The best part of this view just last for 15 minutes from a fast moving train. Out of the two ( up & down ) tracks the south bound track ( towards Chennai ) is more close to the lake. There are fishing areas marked with boundary made of local bamboo and other materials used inside the lake. After the Lake view the train stops at Berhampur. Visit the picture gallery to see the photos taken from train.
View of Chilika Lake from Train

Road Journey by the side of Chilika Lake

Drive on National Highway No 5 from Bhubaneswar and you can see Chilika Lake at your left side. NH 5 passes by the side of Chilika lake and you will get distance view of Chilika from NH 5. The best view will be after 140 KM from Bhubaneswar when you climb up the hill.
NH 5 Road passing by side of Chilika Lake
The rail line connecting Howrah to Chennai passes more close to the lake than the NH 5.
Top photo is taken from NH 5 showing train passing by the side of Chilika Lake.

Where to take food near Chilika

Chilika Dhaba for sea food
The best place to take food is Chilik Dhaba.
Chilika Dhaba is famous for local sea food like famous Chilika Crab, Prawn etc. Lunch is available from 11 AM onwards. Plenty of seats available to accommodate group of people. This place is 145 KM from Bhubaneswar

While traveling from Bhubaneswar side watch the board directing towards Barkul Panthanivas. Take the left side road living NH 5. This is a small road ( old National Highway ) and after travelling 1 KM you will see a board showing direction to OTDC Barkul Panthanivas. Instead of taking left turn to Panthanivas go straight. Chilika Dhaba will be at your right. If you are coming from south side ( Berhampur ) then from the left lane take the service road just after INS Chilka. The road will cross the NH 5 below the over bridge ( N H 5 will be above you ) and just after crossing NH 5 take left turn, you will reach Chilika Dhaba. This is a Non - AC Dhaba with prompt service.

Food at Panthanivas.

There is an excellent AC resturant available at Barakul Panthanivas ( resort ). You can give food order here and go for boating, your food will be ready at the time your return.

Rameswar Junction , road to Puri

While travelling from south ( Visakhapatnam or Brahmapur side ) you can take a right turn at Rameswar Junction to enter into Nua Jagannath Sadaka ( New Jagannath Road ) to travel to Puri.

This road will join the Bhubaneswar - Puri road at Chandanpur

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