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Taptapani Hot Spring

Taptapani Hot Spring
Taptapani means hot water. This place is famous for hot spring where hot water is continuously coming out from ground. You can take a hot bath in water of this hot spring.

Reaching Taptapani

Entry point to Taptapani is Berhampur. This southern town of Orissa is located at a distance of 170 KM from Bhubaneswar. This town is well connected by road through NH 5 and Berhampur railway station is in the main train line connecting Howrah Railway station at Kolkata and Chennai. All trains stops at Berhampur ( Station Code : BAM ) railway station. Berhampur is 605 KM from Howrah and 160 KM from south of Bhubaneswar. You can get down at Berhampur railway station and take a taxi or bus to Taptapani. It is at a distance of 53 KM from Barahampur . Last 5 KM is hill road upto Taptapani.

While travelling from Barhampur you will reach Digapahandi Junction. From Digapahandi It is 26 KM . You will pass through green agricultural area of Ganjam district.

Barahampur to Digapahandi : 30 KM
Digapahandi to Taptapani : 25 KM
Total Barhampur to Taptapani : 55 KM

If you are travelling from South that is from Visakhapatnam then drive on NH 5 upto Itchapuram . Enter into Itchapuram town and cross bus stand. Before joining again to NH5 take left turn and enter Digapandi road. Within 1 KM from the turning you will cross the railway track. Drive straight towards Digapahandi town. From here you will take left turn to travel towards Taptapani.

From Itchapuram to Digapahandi : 36 KM
From Digapahandi to Tatapani : 25 KMB

Accommodation at Taptapani

The only accommodation available is at Orissa Tourism Development corporation ( OTDC ) resort at Taptapani.
Tariff rate at OTDC resort at Taptapani.
  1. Deluxe Suite 2 Nos. Rs 3500/-
  2. Log House 3 Nos . Rs 2750/-
  3. AC Double room 1 Nos. Rs 1250/-
  4. Non AC Double room 3 Nos Rs 1000/-
  5. AC F/R 2 Nos 1400/-
  6. Non AC F/R 2 Nos Rs 1400/-
  7. Conf Hall 1 Nos

Check out time 8 AM.

Taptapani Hot Bath at OTDC resort
Inside the Deluxe suite special bath room is available where hot spring water can be made available. Special water line is laid from hot spring to the OTDC resort to bring water directly to the bath tubs of the room. This facility is available in only two Deluxe suites.

Taxi Rates at Taptapani

There are local cabs available to take you to different tourist locations. You may face problem during peak tourist seasons as limited vehicles are available at Taptapani.
You can hire vehicle from Berhampur bus stand or railway station.

Here are some cab rates (approximate as on 2014 Aug) to help you in planning. Rates may go up or down

Chandragiri Return

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera

Harbhangi Reservoir Return

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera

Dropping at Berhampur

Alto Indica Santro Spark Van Sumo Mahindra-Maxx Qualis Travera

Duration of stay at Taptapani.

Minimum two nights are recommended for Taptapani. If you are reaching in afternoon at Taptapani then take rest in resort. Start your day trip after breakfast. You will return in evening and night you can take rest at Taptapani resort.
Main attraction is hot water spring which is at 400 meter distance from OTDC resort. This hot spring is believed to have medicinal value and cures skin diseases. Bathing facility is available but uses of bathing shop is not allowed. There is a temple at the hot spring and this complex is located by the side of the main road near bus stop. There is a deer park at the entrance of the Taptapani. There are spotted deer and Sambar kept in two separated areas surrounded by wire fencings. This park is maintained by Orissa forest department. Taptapani Deer Park

Harbhangi Reservoir

This is a state government irrigation project located at a distance of 47 KM from Taptapani. This is a big water reservoir providing water storage and irrigation facility to nearby agricultural lands.

Harbangi Reservoir is 47 KM from Taptapani
Harbangi Reservoir is 27 KM from Mohana
Harbangi Reservoir is 105 KM from Berhampur

How to reach Reservoir

Harbangi Reservoir
If you are starting from Taptapani then travel 4 KM and you will reach Lohagudi. From here take right turn towards Mohana Rayagada road , then travel upto Adova and travel further upto Zero Camp. Here take left turn and take the Jungle road for 8 KM to reach Harbangi Reservoir.

The Jungle road of 8 KM is narrow road with tall trees and hills on both side. This stretch of road is very lonely and you may not see any vehicle or locals while travelling to this reservoir. There is a village close to the reservoir.

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