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Chilika Lake :Rambha Panthnivas & Boating

OTDC  Panthanivas Resort at Rambha Chilika Lake
Rambha is south most point of Chilika lake with all tourist facilities. The main place for tourist is tourist resort Panthanivas of OTDC. There are 4 AC double bed rooms, 8 non AC double bed rooms. In addition to this there are 6 AC cottages. 10 beds dormitory is available.

Food at Resort

This area is famous for local non-veg food. Chilika lake crab is famous and you must try Crab-in-shell curry or crab Masala curry here. In addition to this Chilika prawn and Khainga Besar ( local dish ) is available here.

Restaurant food quality is good

Chilika Boating at Rambha

Tourist resort Panthanivas has 10 seater and 5 seater boats. You can hire them on hourly basis but it is almost fixed rate for visiting different spots.

Usually tourist goes for three spot sightseeing or all five islands sightseeing.

There are different islands located near Rambha. The main attraction for boating is one and half hour boat trip to three spots. It will cost nearly 1200/- depending on the type of boat you use.

Boating destinations at Rambha

  1. Breakfast island or Lighthouse 3 KM
  2. Ghanta sila hills 2 KM
  3. Dinosaur Park. 5 KM
In addition to this if you are going for another two islands then full package will consist of five islands
  1. Honeymoon island 8 KMs
  2. Sankuda Island ( Eco tourism spot ) 7 Kms
Three spots for boating
It will take one and half hour by motor boat, same will take half hour by speed boat.

The full package of all five island can be covered by speed boat or motor boat.
Speed boat will take running one hour plus time of sightseeing
Motor boat will take running three hours plus time of sightseeing.

There are 5 boats available , 3 are 5 seater speed boat and 2 are 10 seater motor boat.
One ten seater speed boat is expected in the year 2015.

  • 5 seater speed boat Rs 2000/- per hour
  • 10 seater motor boat Rs 700/- per hour.
Charges for hour is calculated based on actual journey time excluding time spent on sightseeing at islands.

however it is advisably to book safe boats from OTDC Panthanivas reception counter only.

Breakfast island or lighthouse

Breakfast Island or lighthouse inside Chilika Lake
After 20 minutes of boating you will reach lighthouse or breakfast point. The name breakfast point came from British rule time where this place was used as breakfast point. This is also visible from train

From here on right side hill is Gantasila hill. There is a rock cave is there at one side it is known as Sidha Baba Cave.

Dinosaur island

Dinosaur Island inside Chilika Lake
From here another 20 minute’s boating you will reach Dinosaur Park. This is a small island with one status of Dinosaur at one side the status is constructed by tourism department but some part of it was damaged by recent cyclone. This island is also known as Birds Island. All trees and birds nest were affected by recent cyclone Phailin ( Oct 2013 ). After reaching this island you can go for climbing the hills and get the breathtaking view of surroundings of Chilika lake. Distance islands for Parikuda and Maluda

Spend some time in climbing the hill and return straight to Rambha. During afternoon you can enjoy sunset while returning.

In addition to these three spots there are two more spots which takes more time.

Sankuda Isalnd is a picnic spot and there are families’ stays here. This is nice place for tented accommodation.

Honymoon island

Once upon time there was a honeymoon house of Khalikote king. Now it is in damaged condition and only foundation is there. There is a small pond and a well still exists. There is a bathing place of queen near the pond.


This is a small village by the side of Chilika Lake. Fishing and agriculture is the main activity of villagers.

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