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Satkosia Gorge

Satkosia tourist route map Satkosia gorge on mahanadi river is located within a Wildlife Sanctuary covering Nayagarh, Angul & Cuttack district. This gorge is famous for crocodile breeding and there is a research center located at the Angul side of the Mahanadi river.

Badmul is the starting point of gorge in downstream and there is a irrigation department guest house located here. A observatory is constructed here to watch wild life here. From Badmul the forest road goes parallel to the gorge up to the starting point of the gorge and then reaches Char Chakh ( four squire ) junction in the main state highway connecting Phulbani, Bolangir , with Bhubaneswar.

The forest road running parallel to gorge and the approach road is not in good shape. With big ditches on the road this road is not good for small vehicles. The journey can be managed by driving slowly as the length of the forest stretch is not very long.

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