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Trimbakeshwar temple of Lord ShivaIn the village Trimbak Trimbakeshwar temple is a famous pilgrim place. Trimbakeshwar is also the origin of river Godavari. Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 jyotirlingas (and the eighth one in the series) of Lord Shiva and this one is considered to be the main jyotirlinga. Monday is a scared day here and Shivratri the holy day of Shiva Puja in a year is celebrated here. The Goddess in this temple is called Trimbakeshwari. This temple was constructed by Raju Balaji Baji Rao who ruled Maharashtra. Later, so many Maratha kings contributed in several ways to improve the temple. Very nearer to the temple, Papaharini Theertam is located. People take bath here before visiting the temple which is considered as a holy bath. This place is formed by river Godavari after falling from Brahmagiri.

Trimbakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva

Importance of the place

The temple is situated in a hill region called Sahyagiri. The Temple premises is called Brahmagiri, also considered as the most sacred place of river Godavari (Brahma Sthalam). The Sun, Moon and Agni form the three eyes located at different direction on this Jyotirlinga. Inside the main linga, there are three more lingas visible. These are considered as, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. There is a belief that, anybody who performs puja for this Jyothirlinga, is considered as actually worshipping all these three Gods.

Other places to see near Trimbakeshwar

Gangadwar or Gangadwaram where the river flows beneath the twigs of trees in a narrow place. Nearer to paapa Haarini Theertham, Mahadeva and Ganga Matha temples are located. On the way to Brahmagiri, Vithal Mandir and Ganga Dwar can be seen. Caves of 108 Shiva Lingas is a must see place where Maharshi Gowthama worshipped lord Shiva. Kushavartham is the origin of river Godavari, Parashuram temple and Ambika alayam are some more places which can be visited. Trimbakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva

How to reach Trimbak

By road from Nashik it is 35 KM. Nasik is well connected by train also. The journey from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar is through forest. People can stay here for one whole day and have to reach back Nashik for staying.

From Mumbai it is 210 KM.
Nashik is 185Kms from Mumbai.
The nearest airport is Oghur. This place is 16 Kms from Nashik. Nearest railway station is Nasik Road. Metropolitan airport - Mumbai.

We didn't find any problem in carrying our video, digital cameras, mobile phones. But photography is not allowed inside the main temple.

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one day sight seeing to trimbakeshwar and nasik
Worth seeing


Visited the Temple in 2016. One day trip can be planned and we operated from Mumbai.

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