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Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgad is a popular destination in Maharashtra. It is at a distance of 20kms from Mahabaleshwar. This place is famous for the fort which has great historical importance. The fort is located in Satara district of Maharashtra state in India. The fort is 1080 metres height above sea level.

Shivaji Maharaj constructed the fort which was completed during 1659. This Fort was built mainly to defend the banks of Nira river, Koyna river and Par pass. The Battle of Pratapgad between Shivaji and Afzal Khan was fought below this fort. There is a place near the fort where Afjal khan's head is buried. But the entry into the area is closed for public (as on December 2016). The Fort came under the rule of Britishers after they won the battle of Anglo - Maratha war.

Earlier, since its construction, there was no proper road to reach the fort. It was after Indian independence, during 1957, A statue of Shivaji was installed on top of the fort and a road was constructed from the village Kumbhroshi till the base of the Fort. Now, well made roads are laid from all parts to the fort base.

There are two parts of the forts, upper and lower. Visitors have to walk from parking area. Steps are easy to climb and there is no much of walking. 180 degree valley view can be seen from lower fort tip. Left side view resembles the grand canyon of USA. On the way to the upper fort, there are small shops selling eatables, Books and other items. Nimbu paani (Lemon juice) is very good. There is a temple for Lord Hanuman on the way. There are two temples at the top , one of them is for lord Shiva called Sri Kedareshwar Mandir and other one is Sri Bhavani Mata temple. Photography is not allowed inside the temple. There is a very good handicraft shop beside the temple. Pass through this shop to view the beauty of the lower fort. Breathtaking valley view with the fort at foreground can be seen from here. Most of the Pratapgad fort pictures available in the internet are shot from this point.

Shivaji Maharaj statue, at the upper fort, is surrounded by a park (called Pratap garden). Right side entry to the tip of the fort is closed. There is one more way to this point from outside but it is dangerous as there is no barricade. Left side entry from the park to the tip of the fort is allowed. Gorgeous valley view (also called the Kokan view) can be seen from here.

Entry Fee

No entry fee at Pratapgad fort. Tourist guides are available at entrance (parking area), tourist guide office. Guides can also be booked at Mahabaleshwar. Guide fee is around INR 1000.

Entry to the fort is open from to

Accommodation at Pratapgad

No lodges available at fort premises. Tourist have to book these at Mahabaleshwar. Between Pratapgad fort and Mahabaleshwar good restaurants are available for food. From Mahabaleshwar tourists have to descend 15kms and again climb 5kms to reach the fort.

Best time to Visit Pratapgad

Weather at Pratapgad is cold throughout the year. Best season to visit is from June to October (rainy season). Lush green with gorgeous colors at valleys exist during this time.

There is a trek route to Pratapgad fort. Only local people arrange the trek on instant cash payment basis. Many cinema shooting spots are available in this area.

The fort is inside the forest area. Koyna forest area is backside of Mahabaleshwar - Pratapgad region. In most of the areas, Mobile signal of all service providers is not available. BSNL signal exists at some places.

Taxi to Pratapgad

Visit to Pratapgad fort can be planned along with Mahabaleshwar trip.

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