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Lohgad Fort

Lohgad Fort
Lohagad fort is located at Bhaje (Malavli) near Lonavala, Pune, India. Lohgad fort is very well known for its strength among other forts in Maharashtra. This fort was built to watch the movements of people on the path at ground level nearby. The construction of Lohgad fort took place during ancient times. The fort was under Nizamshahi Mallik Ahmed, then went to Shivaji, later to Mughals and to Britishers. The height of the fort is 1040 meter from sea level.

How to reach Lohgad

Lohgad Fort
Lohgad fort is 65Kms from Pune railway station. Drive on Old Pune Mumbai highway, take left turn at Malavli. The Fort is 8Kms from here. It takes nearly 2.00 hours to reach Lohgad fort from Pune if the traffic is normal. Lohgad fort is just 11Kms from Lonavala. Vehicles go upto foot hill only and tourists have to climb the steps to reach the top.

Entry Fee

INR 20 for two wheeler, INR 50 for car and INR 80 for bus is to be paid for parking.
There is no entry fee.

There is no opening or closing time for this fort.
Tourists have to climb the steps to reach the top of the Fort and takes nearly 30mnts . The steps are newly put and well maintained. Some area of the steps is very steep. While climbing the steps, people come across several doors (Darwajas) at various points which are strongly built. The first one is Ganesh Darwaja, Narayana Darwaja and Hanuman Darwaja. Over the top, there are two small lakes, Mahadev temple, Raja Rani Mandir and one tomb like structure. Most part of the fort is intact and there are not damages. The fort is constructed beside a huge lake called Pawna lake. The lake can be seen from the top of the fort.
Lohgad Fort
One to One and half hour is sufficient to spend time in this fort. There are two more forts nearer to Lohgad fort. These consist, Visapur fort and Tikona fort. There is a trek route to Lohgad fort. Lohgad fort is inside a forest area and is named after the fort name. One more fort, Tung fort is located on the other side of Pawna lake. Bhaje caves is only 3Kms and Karla Caves is 8Kms from Lohgad fort.

Nearest Railway station is Malavli (8Kms). Nearest Airport is Pune (65Kms).


There is no accommodation available near Lohgad Forts. Nearest place to stay is Lonavala or Pune.

Taxi to Bhaja Caves

You can hire a taxi from Lonavala or from Pune. This fort can be visited along with Bhaja Caves and Karla Caves along with Lonavala during half day tour program from Pune.

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