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Indeargarh fort

While travelling from Ranthambore to Bundi , on the way you can visit Indergarh, a small town of Bundi district of Rajasthan. This small town has two main attractions. One is the Bijasan Mata temple at hill top and other one is Indergarh fort.

Bijasan Mata Temple

Indergarh Bijasan Mata Temple
Located at a hill top this temple has 1000 steps to reach from foothill. There is a small marked at the entrance. This temple was constructed by Sri Kamal Nath in Vikram Samvat 103.

Indergarh Fort

Indergarh fort entrance
After passing through narrow lanes on a hill you can reach the main entrance of Indergarh fort. This fort is very beautiful but mostly neglected fort of Rajasthan. There are wild grass and bushes around the fort. The main entrance door is in broken conditions. However inside of the fort looks better than inside the fort. There are colourful paintings on the walls and roof of the rani mahal ( rani palace ) .
Indergarh fort inside
Climb up the fort and you will get beautiful view of the town from there. Hardly any tourist come here to visit this fort. You can take help of the one guard who will explain you about the fort. This 17 century fort was constructed by Innder pal singh hada.
Indergarh fort

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