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Taragarh fort Bundi

Fort full view at Bundi
Taragarh Fort is the main attraction of this town. This fort is located at the top of a hill and you can get a distance view of this majestic fort from any part of the Bundi town. Several hotels , guest houses are available near the fort and the houses near the fort area is decorated with colourful Rajasthan paintings.
On the way you will get several souvenir shops selling traditional items including colourful puppets. The road to fort passes by the side of Nawal Sagar lake. This lake has a submerged temple of lord Varuna.
Inside of Fort at Bundi

Fort is open for tourists from sunrise to sunset. The fort entry fee is Rs 85/- per person for Indian nationals and it is Rs 500/- for foreign nationals.

Carrying any digital camera is free but Video camera is charged Rs 25/-.
Entrance to the fort inside at Bundi
The areas inside fort is Hathia Pol, Phool Mahal, Ratan Daulat, Badal Mahal, Chattar Mahal and Taragarh fort.
You need to climb a stone ramp to reach the main entrance of the fort. You can divide all areas into three main parts. The main fort area you can enter through Hathi Pol. Towards your right will be Chitrasala and way to old fort area. After climbing the ramp to Chitrasala , way to old fort will be at your right and left side is Chitrasala.

Old Fort area

It will take minimum 2 hours to visit the main areas excluding the old fort which is located at a distance. The path to old fort is towards right side of Chitrasala. If you are planning to visit the old fort area then it is better to plan the fort visit in morning time so you can avoid visiting the old fort area in the evening.

There are caution boards informing visitors not to stay in old fort area beyond 5.30 PM. This area is a jungle area and there are chances of encountering wild animals on the way to old fort and it is not safe to travel alone to this part of the fort.


Chitrasala inside Bundi fort
This is open from sunset to sunrise and entry to Chitrasals is free. This is part of the main fort and you have to buy ticket to visit other part of the fort. so it is not clear why this part of the fort is only free. No one is expected to visit only Chitrasala and leave the other parts of this beautiful fort.

This beautiful edifice, also know as Ummed Mahal was built by Rao Ummed Singh AD 1749-73. The walls of Chitrasala are illustrated with attractive paintings executed during the resign of Ummed Sing and Bisen Singh ( AD 1773- 1821 )

The themes in include Musical melodies , love stories and court processions. The most important among them are lifting of Mount Gvardhan, Cheera – Harana, Rana’s marriage procession.

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