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Raniji Ki Baori stepwell at Bundi

Stepwell Raniji Ki Baori at Bundi
Located within the city of Bundi , this place is also known as Raniji Ki Baori. This step well was built by Rao Raja Anirudh Singh’s wife Rani Nathawat Ji during the reign of her son Budh Singh in V.S 1757.

Size of the stepwell

Bundi stepwell Raniji Ki Baori

The length and breadth of the Baori is 260’ x 40 ‘ having very ornate and exquisitely carved Toran Gage, sculptures of Gods and Goddesses along with murals which add beauty and grandeur to the stepwell. The steps of the western side are adorned with twelve pillared cenotaph of Rajput style. The roof of the entrance doors are arch shaped with murals depicted on the celling. Both the gates are adorned on the top with an eight pillared cenotaph.

This stepwell is having more than 100 steps. The middle big step on either side has depiction of standing Bahairawa. After 20 steps , there exists an open gate with three doors and artistic torans on both the sides. Descending further downwards, there are sculptures of Ganesha, Saraswati , Gajendra Moksh along with ten incarnation like Matsya, Varaha, Narsingh which attract visitors attention. An inscription of 31 line is there at the entrance gate which describes the genealogy of the Hada rulers of Bundi

Entry fee

Entry fee for Indian visitors is single Rs 50/- and it is 75/- for composite, student fee is Rs 5/-
Foreigner single is Rs 200/- and composite is Rs 350/- , student Rs 20/-
Note : Composite entry fees - Sukh Mahal , Rani Ji Ki Baori and 84 Pillared cenotaph

Visiting hours - 9.45 AM to 5.00 PM
There is no restriction to carry any camera or mobile phones inside.
Stepwell outside at Bundi

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